Snowy park with split rail fence by tree.

Now that snow is covering the ground with more building up, it is snow shoe time! Last year we didn’t get out at all, the snow fell and melted before a snow shoe date could be set. I enjoy being outdoors trekking around and seeing nature and the quiet. The pace appeals to me, the workout without the blandness of indoor exercise, and the natural movement of my arms and legs, this is how I like to do fitness. It is different from just going out our back door as we did at our old house, there we had woods for acres and acres. Which also meant more branches and undergrowth to get tangled in. Now we have the park just down the street, full of open space to enjoy, plus other nearby trails we can trek.

Though my work schedule has more hours, and I am trying to get art and DIY things done, I hope to get out at least 2 times a week. Today’s snowstorm means a fresh cover awaits, with another storm next weekend. The snow will only last so long as we are already moving passed midwinter.

Getting out

Edge of swamp pond under rain clouds.

Being able to pull over yesterday and take a quick walk along the pond was hugely beneficial. After putting in a couple hours at the closed library, wiping books left in the drop, checking messages, getting timesheets assemble and other small tasks, I was ready for fresh air.

Being able to go into work helps keep the day on track in what otherwise would be an anchor-less stretch of time. Joe is not so lucky, falling just into the at risk health wise group, he is stuck at home most days. So we have taken up doing jog walks, either trail or track, to get fresh air and exercise. It is important to keep moving and get a change of scenery so as to keep us from getting stale and becoming cranky.

31 turns to 1

December pond

The final day of 2017 has drawn to a close, another year now in the history books. There are now scant minutes added onto the daylight hours, each a step away from winter. Soon the light will have a noticeably different slant as the earth continues the age-old tilt of the ongoing seasons. It has been cold, but a walk outdoors in such weather blows out the cobwebs that form when stuck inside too long. New boot, a warm jacket, gloves and headgear serve to keep the chill at bay to get some much needed exercise. I am both wind and solar powered, needing to be out of doors on a regular basis to keep myself in top form, both mentally and physically. It gives me the space and pace I need to set things in motion and feel ready to tackle the next thing on the list. It is time to say farewell to 2017 and hello to 2018.

November mornings


Joe and I️ have shifted our walks to the crisp aired mornings given the loss of the evenings. There is something invigorating about getting out in the fresh, night chilled air and moving in and out of the warm spots created by the morning sun. It is the point in the day I don’t feel rushed, nothing need to be dealt with, no rush, just one step after another down the street and back. Moving forward into a new day.


3-22-2015_079I am feeling a bit abstract this week and can’t seem to find the cohesiveness that is usually there. It’s not the weather, which has been bright and warm. It is not schedule upheaval, all has been in place. And it isn’t lack of time. it’s just a feeling  of “Meh” for lack of a real term. I feel fresh out of ideas I guess that best describes it.The easel sits in the other room with a started piece that I don’t feel the tug to work on. The outdoors is there, but not really calling. Even the online world doesn’t appeal, yet can still steal away time in an aimless meandering of things that “need updating”. I guess my best bet, now that the school bus routes are done, is to get out for a walk. I’ll stroll up the street and into the new neighborhood and see how far the road is in now.  It’ll accomplish several things at once: I’ll get moving, get off the computer and get some fresh air blowing around me hopefully chasing away the “Mehs” before I head off to work.

Friday to Sunday


Friday night turned warm and drizzly, perfect for some foggy images. I missed the last day like this as I was in the car commuting home, and of course passed beautiful view after beautiful view. That’s how it seems to go sometimes! The Saturday blew in, strong winds whipped away the warm damp air in preparation for a warm, could almost say hot, Sunday.


Which was a great morning for a hike. It wasn’t the best for pictures as part of the trail was covered by close to 2 feet of water that stretched close to 40 feet across. There was no way to even hop from rock or hummock. The trail ran along the top of a ridge with many side trail leading down to the water. It felt like hiking a capital M and my legs felt it. But it is all part of the “get fit” routine I am on. I got up this morning and went for a jog, one week under my belt. I did 2 days of jogs, 1 indoor mill walk, tree clearing and an hour hike. It is progress, once the bike gets a tune up I will have that option too. It feels good to be moving, to see the snow receding and possibly the best of all

I heard the peepers this weekend, spring is here!