Potanipo 10-22_103

The Sunday morning walk, a bookend of our weekend, found us just up the road at our local lake. The precursor to a day of DIY and chores, and a splendid way to start the day. The month has been unusually warm, great for enjoying but probably not the best weather for the plants and trees. The fall is rolling out all the colors it can before a killing frost changes the palette and brings on November days. This abnormal warm weather is not fooling me, I am as busy as I can be getting all the fall chores done before the turn to winter. But I am also savoring these warm fall days.


The Weekend is Nigh!

imageHappy Friday everyone! Another week has slipped by, filled with all the daily stuff to do. It is often difficult to notice things beyond the noise of the media sharing terrible tales, political insanity and making sure we have our daily dose of fear. Yet here it is the edge of the weekend in spite of all the dire warnings, I say grab it with both hands and enjoy every minute you possibly can before it slips into history.