Bold, lush layers with Rejoice and Be Merry text.

What will you do in your free time these final two weeks of the year? Nest? Rest? Create? Hike? Declutter? The end of the year can bring out the urge to tackle things set aside all year, as if that final stretch provides the incentive needed to get things done. To see the year out on an upswing of activity and completion before the new year begins.

I still have work days scattered around the holidays, yet it feels as if they are smaller than normal, eating up less of my time. An illusion that persists year after year. I have more I would like to do than will actually be able to fit in, it is always so. Day trip here, sort and clean there, meet up with friends and so on.

Thirteen days, then out of this year and into the next. Make the most of them that you can, as they will not be able to be done again.


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December; short days, cold nights, and snow. It can feel hard to thrive. But you can, change it to; crisp air, bright stars and winter birds, giving yourself a different place to see it from. And in that place you might feel you can easily thrive. I find I have to mix things up a bit when late fall arrives. Activities done later in the day in summer I shift to late morning so the early dark doesn’t creep up on me mid task. I spend more time reading in the evening when the desire to be inside makes snuggling up with a good book appealing. I mull over and write poems in the evening too, when my mind seems open to the word play. December can be a time of unexpected, unusual growth, and end of the year time to grow before the new one starts.

Eve of the eve


The last storm of the year came through yesterday leaving 8.5 inches of snow in its wake. It is lovely to look at new fallen snow as the morning sun washed over it, even when you know you have to go out and clear it! Now it is the eve of the eve, the time of end of the month and end of the year details and thoughts. I wish you all a Happy New year, and may 2017 be filled with good health, love and prosperity for all of us!

Travel light


My husband and I got out on a walk around our local lake a few days ago. It was another balmy December day with no sign of foreseeable snow. It has been the perfect late fall for hikes, but alas, I have not able to get out on any long ones. I know that time will turn in a new direction, and I will be able to get out, but first things must come first. We are closing in on the last weeks of 2015, a good time for taking stock, making plans, and over all being grateful. Just 4 months ago when everything turned upside down here I didn’t know where I would find myself come December. All my plans for the fall went out the window as each day slipped by going to and from the hospitals in Boston. Yet, it allowed me the chance to see places I normally would not have seen, to walk down streets I would not have traveled, and meet people I am unlikely to forget. Would I trade it for the fall I had hoped for? I have to say yes, since it involves health and most everyone I know would trade new experiences for avoiding health scares. And yet part of me can see how I have grown and expanded my comfort zone to include things I previously was hesitant to do. I am hopeful about the future in spite of the obstacles I can see that are in the way (I try not to worry about those yet to be see), each day is one step further along the path, my husband’s health is improving and that is our main focus. New carpets? New countertops? All of that is left by the curb to allow for as much room as needed for healing,  there it is in a nutshell; travel light.

Coming around the final turn


It is the final bend in the year leading to that last straightaway which will bring 2014 to the end. It feels like 2014 has just left the station so to speak, and here we are ending the journey. I met some of my goals, fell a bit short on others and entirely left some on the platform. But each new year gives the chance to grab them and try to jump on board the next year’s train with them. Overall I feel 2014 has been a successful year, those who measure success by promotions, bonuses or big contracts would disagree, but that’s fine. I have enjoyed good health, work I enjoy, friends & family to visit with, new creativity, and so much more. I have also enjoyed some fabulous blogs which spur my mind in so many ways.

A huge thank you to all the bloggers I follow and those I have stumbled upon while looking for other things. I have learned so many things from what you have all written.

I am mulling over what I hope to accomplish for 2015 as it will be a year of big changes here as the last child finishes high school and heads to college. It is hard to map out a year, just as it was hard for ancient mapmakers to accurately depict an unknown continent, there is just too much that is beyond our knowledge. But I can do a rough sketch of the country as I see it from right here and fill in the geography of the year as I travel through it.