The day




The air

full of the promise

of spring and days


The sand


our steps as we pass.

              RK Brown ’17



A day of wisdom

Teeth that is. Another milestone here in our house as my oldest got her wisdom teeth out. Just saying “wisdom teeth” brings to people’s minds the story of when they got their wisdom teeth pulled. And now my daughter has her story. Life is like that, one experience atop another making what will hopefully be a lengthy tome years down the road. Days like this reconstruct the usual routine of a weekday, causing a shift in the usual flow of the day. It gave me a day to get all the year-end ledger sheets wrapped up, a couple of phone calls made to friends, a bit of extra laundry done and thank you notes written. All things that would have remained on the to-do list had it been a usual day. So, even though it was not an extraordinary, just the very ordinariness of it made it a good day. Then of course, I wasn’t the one who had teeth pulled!