Boldly so

Bold black floral on orange and purple mixed media

Whenever I am in the studio, whether doing videos or just rolling with materials, it is a break from my normal days. Some people run, others bake, I create art. At this point I have stacks of it, which concerns me for what will befall my heirs eventually, yet still I create. Some pieces I share inside birthday cards, others I use for ideas in my videos, and a few collect dust as they didn’t quite come out right or were used as examples. I am always either actively creating or waiting to do so, and when the time is right and I can make a quick escape to create I grab it. There is so much in life that demands attention; bills, chores, family, work, et al, that I find it can be tough to consistently have a block of time set aside. It must be carved out and set aside as sacred from the din of daily life. I have to be bold about it as no one will be bold for me.

Miles behind


I don’t know what it is recently but at the close of everyday I feel miles behind where I should be. Not sure what is going on time wise, but it sure seems something is. Even this upcoming long weekend is I can see it is fragmenting into bits I can’t seem to assemble into a cohesive whole. Ah well, there are times like this for everyone. I guess I will just have to make the best of the collage it becomes.

There are things I just don’t understand

(This is a ; & a ) post, enjoy!)

question mark

I have become aware that there are many things I just do not understand, enough to fill many volumes. But these are just a few:

  1. In order to be made redundant don’t I first need to be dundant?
  2. Why do “we” build brand new sports stadiums for Olympics and World Cup events, aren’t there enough recently built venues from past sporting events that could be reused? It seems a waste of land and resources to build these expensive and expansive venues only to line the pockets of developers. I know they supposedly bring in buckets of money for the local economy, but have my doubts about the truth of that, it doesn’t seem Greece made out too well. Let’s just reuse Torino, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Athens etc and stop the crazy building.
  3. Cricket. I just don’t get it. It must be one of those sports you have to grow up with for it to make sense.
  4. How no one that caused the financial crisis of 2008 ever saw jail time, or even paid out of pocket in any way for their greed and criminal acts. If I fail to file a tax return I’ll get jammed up. But they get some platinum get out of jail free card.
  5. How we can “buy our way” out of financial trouble.
  6. How electricity degrades over distances.
  7. Most of the music my kids listen to. though I do realize that it is an incontrovertible fact that each generation will hate the music of the following one. My parents hated mine, my great grand parents no doubt hated the jazz of the 20’s. It is one of those immutable laws of nature. But rap/hip hop…really? It isn’t even music, and no one seems to have to know how to play an instrument anymore!
  8. The statement that durable good are appliances, cars computers etc. Which, according to reports, are  goods that last about 6 years. Hold it! If I buy a new car it sure better last longer than 6 years! I expect my appliances to do the same. So far, all of them have made it to 15 plus years. That’s durable.
  9. Why cup holders and heated steering wheels are seen as vehicle improvements, aren’t improvements things that increase value or performance? In vehicle DVD players or internet also seem to not be real improvements. Now a vehicle with great gas mileage, that is well built and affordable seems like a real improvement.
  10. The news. Why are celebrities and athletes even part of the news. Unless they have run amok somewhere, I really can’t see why they get news time. I don’t care what they are wearing, driving, buying or selling for a home, what weird names they are giving their kids. None of it. Report the scores, advertise the new movies that are opening, and leave it at that. Though it appears that the AM “news show” anchors seem to see themselves as some sort of celebrities too so I guess the fawning to higher up celebs makes sense in their minds. Breaking news falls under this confused category. Why, if I live in Florida do I care about the breaking news about a cessna that has made an emergency landing on a road in Tacoma, Washington? It makes no sense yet this is what the 24 news cycle has devolved to, the need to loop and fill the 24 hours somehow with something, anything.

And, sad to say there are many other things that just make no sense to me. Every day seems to present more things that make me tip my head to one side in utter bewilderment. I expect it will only continue in spite of a concerted effort to understand the crazy and wonderful world I live in!

Just another morning

I took a whole series of this street from my vantage point in a parking garage. I liked the stage setting feel, it felt like I was watching a play full of dramas without knowing which one the story was about.  More than million stories have crossed this street.

Here are a few of the images, make up your own story.


4-30-2013_069(Yes, that is a Park Ranger)



4-30-2013_076(laundry day?)




(Who is our character in the wings with the clock?)