Artist trading card day 7 of 100, bright colors with music scraps

I was able to get an artist trading card made each day in spite of 2 days away and work. I am hoping to keep my energy up for this week too, and then maybe I will be in the flow for the rest of the 100 days. It was wise to choose artist tradings cards for my 100 days, they are manageable time wise, yet offer many creative possibilities. Not sure what I will do with 100 at the end, but that can be figured out later on!


Mixed media piece in vibrant colors

After weeks of planning and work I have my new site launched. It is a beginning, a place to move forward from, a whole new direction. Beginnings are comprised of many small beginnings rolled together, each one building on the ones before. Often the assumption is that there is just one moment because it is a big event that fills the screen, the tiny parts get overlooked that contributed to it.

I am now onto the next start of this new beginning by keeping the momentum up and creating more projects and videos, in addition to promoting the new site. It will take work to stay on top of all of it, but I am determined to make it a success. Luckily my definition of success isn’t in the 7 figures with a big staff and HQ! My definition of it is that success will mean I can work from home, increase my income, and not have to worry about finding caregivers as an out-of-the-house job will require. Being able to do that will spell success to me.