An unexpected notice

Nashua millyard

My daughter said last night that she’d gotten a text from a friend in Idaho that her mother had seen a mention of me in a magazine. Surprise! I had gotten an honorable mention in the Yankee Magazine 2014 Photo Contest for this image. The fact that I heard about it via friends in Idaho just goes to show how social media has taken hold. Danielle grew up in NH so I am not surprised she is a Yankee subscriber, and has taken this bit of New England to her new home. She says Idaho has made her 10 years younger, being away from the hustle and bustle of the east coast. They run a restaurant up in the northern part of the state not too far from Canada. It was a big decision to move, Idaho is quite a ways away, but they have settled into the differences and embraced the area. Someday we hope to get out for a visit, they were back east for a family graduation party last year and we got to see them. It made me think how hard it must have been to see people leave for the new country, or the west or wherever they were pulling up stakes to head off to. To wave them off, and then hope for a letter now and then, for news of their new lives, and the anguish of maybe never hearing from them again, much less seeing them. Photography, phones, social media, rapid transportation systems have all allowed us the opportunity to not lose touch unless we wish to.