Dewdrops on vibrant fuchsia stems

When I saw this dew covered plant I immediately knew this was a color palette I wanted to use in a piece. The fuchsia, green and cinnamon tones work so well together. I often find color combinations unexpectedly as I about and about doing other things. I can’t wait to dive in and see what I come up with, I’ll share the finished piece in a future blog.

Reflecting on spring


water reflecting spring colors

water reflecting spring colors

Every season has a cadence all its own. This spring seems to be one that takes a lot of pauses, delaying the arrival of the weather we wait for all winter. But now, we finally have the explosion of bright, bright greens that almost hurt the eye to look at. The way a September sky will have that brilliant blue that makes your heart ache. The leaves are starting o unfurl, and are so fresh against all the dark tree trunks. It is as if crayola has made a box of crayons with every possible shade of green to delight our winter weary eyes.