A lull


It feels as if this afternoon is a lull in time, the calm before the storm. Maybe it is the soft light or the lack of any breeze, but things seems to be very still and watchful. I relish moments like these where I can take a breath, know everything will get done that needs to get done, and just look around. The clouds are a gorgeous mix of grays, hinting at snow, but for right now just lovely to look at. They are sending out this pre-snow quiet, settling it down in preparation. Even though I am only grabbing a small slice of this quiet it feels like just the right amount.


As it goes by

November has come with the change of the clocks and the change of the light. Now the evergreens add the color to the woods, and the remaining leaves are scattered on the ground crucnhing underfoot. Deer have been in my yard and so has the turkey family. All are readying themselves for winter. Not everyone likes November, but I like the clear air, great clouds and texture laid bare. Following the storm last week I got out to a local field to catch some of the clouds. It was a lonely sort of feel, the shuttered drive-in next door adding to the feeling of apprehension of the coming winter weather.


A Break in the Weather

Ahhh! A cool spell with low humidity, what a welcome change. Saturday at Open Studios was like being in a sauna, absolutely not a breath of air. It made me think of how we are halfway through summer, the sun is rising a bit later and setting earlier. Just little shifts that put us closer to the shorter days of the year. And that is okay. I like the changes in how the light falls during each seaon, and how different the quality of the light is. Here are a few images that show the variety of light in my area of the world throughout the seasons.

(That being said I was still roasting on Saturday!)