Clean sweep

Canterbury 7-7_007

It is spring cleaning time once again, time for a clean sweep of many things. Old items and ideas can be swept aside, it can be both invigorating and frightening. To cast aside what once seemed important or invaluable takes effort, especially things long held. I am sure many of the boxes now packed hold things I will not find useful in our next home, and yet they are packed as the current space still hold sway. It can be hard to know whether an item will be needed or fit a new space. The easy sorting has been done, the last of the baby items and many toys passed on, many clothes gone onto new owners. It is a journey, one that has many twists and turns along the way.


As I go

Sorting, packing and jettisoning years of stuff has been both energizing and exhausting. I have found items that I have no idea where they came from, possibly they slunk in unbeknownst to me and decided to stay. I have found things I had forgotten about that I do wish to keep, letters and such. And I have sent many things on their way to new homes, with only the absolute junk off to the dump. I am also getting tire of the whole process and the diy that has gone with it.

Assorted stuff


Once again I am on a sorting tear. Going through the stuff that eddies around the edges of life, visible and yet unseen. The plastic containers, pens, spare envelopes, batteries of uncertain age and remaining energy level. Boxes of paper to shred or burn, items for Goodwill, things destined for the dump. It’s all caught in the flow with me as I decide what I really want to give space to.



This week I am aiming for stillness, not of body or mind, but of spirit. I have much to do that won’t allow for the first two to be stationary, . But in spirit I can be still. The weekend was spent cleaning out the overhang and cellar, neither of which were terribly cluttered, it was just some stuff left from the last clean out that I wasn’t sure needed to go. It did though, all the excess gift bags and lovely store bags, the spare glue guns (why were there 3 anyhow?), the stepper from knee surgery rehab many years ago, old paint, a little tykes bookshelf, all sorts of things plus dust and dirt. It all went to the dump to be parceled out to the appropriate spot. And when I went into the cellar last night- it was spacious and still. A feeling of “Ahhhh!” swept over me. I have been working on winnowing down items that have become fixtures in the house, but rarely used. Amazing what slips in and overstays. We are tentatively looking to sell in 2-3 years, and wisdom tells me tackle things now when there is no pressure. Plus clearing out stuff costs nothing but time, and feels great afterwards. The redoing of the driveway, and flooring on the other hand is money out of pocket and can wait a bit. But for now, we are chipping away at things that we have let be so we can get used to the idea of moving forward and preparing for what’s next.

The start of the week

Wilton wall

I should have come right in and started cleaning off the work table in the studio today. But I didn’t. I am waiting to hear back on a craigslist free item I am looking to get rid of, and once you get online one thing leads to another and even if the stuff needed doing, time seems to speed by. However, it has only been about 40 minutes so not a lot of time is lost. If I could magically transport the hutch to the first person who replied I would have in a second, making the whole process on my end easier, the arrival of the piece on their end might have been a bit trickier. Anyhow, I am hopeful that I hear back and can get this process completed quickly so I can wrap up all the odds and ends still waiting to be taken care of. Ahh Mondays, wheN the whole week stretches out in front of you for about 2 minutes and then magically fills up and disappears leaving many of the tasks still undone!