What to do

I have my list of tasks at hand-

Paint touch ups

Sort, pack, toss

Put in new sink

Wash this, fix that

The list goes on, and all those who have moved know the burnout that a moving prep list can bring. The ennui that tackling another task brings on. The energy spikes that can occur unexpectedly to help power you through. And all this before the house is listed or the new place found! No wonder my mom hasn’t moved in over 60 years.


Oh what a feeling!

rye 9-29_057I love a successful weekend. It gives off such a good vibe to start the week off on. On my done list are:  Habitat Restore donations, Goodwill donations, prep for carpet install, Christmas tree down, website updates (that actually published this time!), the usual chores, family movie time, and time just to relax. On Friday I was not feeling so upbeat, as the list continued grow and the items didn’t fall in place in order for progress to be made. But Saturday, it all started with the dump run kicking things off right. We even got to have some laughs with the girls as they cleaned out their closets of childhood things, especially the stuffed animals and leftover kid clothes they couldn’t bear to part with once outgrown. Now, I can tackle the second week of January feeling fresh and energized. A feeling I hope will carry on for some time as I have much to do!


Hollis 10-14 0047

The start of November has been full of activity. Two shows hung to start the month off, 1 hour toured, 1 opening reception held, 1 open house attended, DIY tasks completed, boxes packed, leaves raked, 1 workshop inquiry, hours spent revamping website, new brochure completed. I can only hope that the month settles down a bit as I don’t think I can keep this pace up! But I am on a mission to get things done and know I have to strike while the iron is hot as I never know when the energy might ebb or the schedule go off script. Life is funny that way, throwing up unexpected detours and dead ends on us.

Looking into August


The month of July, having sped by, is nearly at its end. Mentally I have been stuck weeks back somewhere in mid June. As a result my progress has suffered on all fronts but the relaxation one. I think it is because the realtor came last month, took a look and gave us a short list of things to do. Not hearing to-do items I had expected, and having the list shorter than expected, had the effect of halting my mad rush of  house activity. And yet, also halting my progress creatively. An odd side effect, as the time for it was freed up. I have been getting out on field trips and hikes, which had fallen by the wayside all spring. I guess I just needed July to pass me by in this manner, to give me a chance to recoup before I return to the task lists I now need tackling. To pause and enjoy the view as I look into August.



The year is passed the halfway mark, which I find hard to believe. I have not made the creative progress I had hoped to make in the first 6 months, which bugs me even though I know it is just how things have unfolded. I have directed my energies elsewhere as needed, life requires that from us sometimes. Some days I have a jaunty spring in my stride, and on others it is a plodding pace. There is much to do, and too much being put off that keeps being put on the “someday” list where I fear they will languish. I guess as long as I try to get to the list that is what counts, one item at a time as I can.

No escaping it

Hollis Nashua 3-2482018_015

Up, then down, then over, then up, then down again. That was my weekend as I painted, patched, sorted, dusted and so on. House DIY has taken over all my free time, and I still have more to do it seems. I know that isn’t actually true as tasks finished are finished barring some disaster. It just feels that way. If I try to sit and relax I feel antsy because I know there are things that need doing. I need the house fairy godmother to come, wave her wand and poof have it all “done”. After awhile the satisfaction of doing it yourself wears off in the repetition of doing it yourself.