When July closes

black eyed susans

It is the final days of July, once again the month has sped passed. The cicadas are thrumming in the treetops to let me know the season is entering a new phase. It seems like the more I tackle (and even complete), the less I seem to get done! For each task completed, another must remain undone. That is the paradox of making choices. However, getting the garage all cleaned out, stuff to the dump, overgrowth in on section of the yard cut back and more items sorted out is progress. It is just that it is coming at the cost of art time, both mixed media and photography. A fine layer of dust coats my worktable as proof of this. Summer is so fleeting, even the longer days only allow so much to get squeezed in. I say “next week. next week”, and then they pass. I need to get back at the worktable and out with the camera again, even if it means weeds creep back into the lawn.


When winter comes again


I got spoiled by the warm weather and snow free ground. Today will change all that, with up to 20 inches on the way. It will be lovely and a nuisance. It will be an indoor day in which to clean closets and cupboards. It will be a day of soup and old movies. It will be a day of driveway and step clearing. Such is winter.


Snow delay


It is a snowy Saturday here. I had planned on starting to clear the driveway at 10AM, but the snow is actually falling heavier than just an hour ago. Luckily I have no pressing errands and a lot of indoor chores to fill the day. It is a good day for reading, musing, or just staring out of the window while drinking a hot beverage. I have the last of the holiday offerings up on the website, so don’t need to tinker with that (or call tech support). It is a dreamy day, yet I can’t let that take hold or the day will pass with little accomplished that really needs attending to. And yet and yet, a day of indolence is murmuring in the air, I might succumb were it not for all the visual cues of chores. Plus all the college heaps that came home this week. So I will split my day between leisure and tasks, giving each a chance to claim this snowy day.



Out and about today in the wind that changed a warm fall day to a very chilly one. Then back in to clean and sort and haul stuff to Goodwill. It feels good to be getting rid of old stuff that is still usable to someone else. It just seems the more I get rid of the more there is. I suspect it is either spontaneously recreating or someone is sneaking in and leaving exact replicas of what I have. In any event I am chipping away at it. It takes a lot of time though, whether in big blocks or small clusters, days and days of it to get a load ready to go. And I wouldn’t have said I had this much stuff. It is just a lot of inherited items that need to be dealt with a bit differently than the generic items that accumulate. There is a feeling of expansiveness that comes with shedding stuff that is wonderful.

Ahhh Sunday


There is little that can compare to lounging on a Sunday. Unless it is a really productive Sunday that makes the evening lounging even sweeter. This is Meadow, our new cat, she is an accomplished lounger. Today the whole time Joe and I were spreading 6 buckets of sealer on the driveway, she napped on and off. Meadow is 12, so napping is a big part of her day. At the moment while Joe and I sit with heater packs on sore backs she is chilling in between us just enjoying her afternoon.

Not a bad way for all of us to close out the weekend.

These waning days


The days of August are  down to just 5. I still have much to do, but can see items already going over the waterfall and into September. I just find that it is hard to set aside the time for tasks I know could take hours. Not that leaving them undone shortens the time they will take. These are the tasks that require time on the phone getting tech help, just exhausting to contemplate. Meanwhile the tasks that can be broken into bits I am making progress on, albeit slowly. Monday I will set aside the possibly hours I need to spend on the phone. I just have to suck it up and do it. Gird my loins, so to speak. The waning days of August make it a must.