The End of Augusting

Unfiltered sunset

Here it is the tail end of August, the final few weeks of summer lie ahead. It catches me by surprise every year how quickly summer slips away. The first school bus rolls down the street and wham it is September. The chorus of crickets at night reach their crescendo and start to taper off. The woods take on that different smell that foretells the approach of fall.

There is a wistfulness that comes with this change of seasons that seems specific. Perhaps that is why fall explodes in so much glorious color, to soothe us over the loss of summer.

The quickness of August

Timelapse of mixed media project

It has been another month that has sped by, leaving bits of summer scattered here and there. As I gear up to launch the website I have been hard at work getting my filming skills smoothed out and whittling my to do list down. It is a stretch filled with the nervousness that come with leaving the comfort zone, and the thrill that keeps things moving along. It has felt like the list of things that need doing is unending, but of course it isn’t, each item checked off is another step in the process.

There is a lot of trust you place in the universe as the busywork of change is going on. You work on what you can, hire out what you can’t, and hope it all comes together in the end. It requires a new agility in the thought process too, which I have found leaves me open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Onward and upward!


Mixed media piece of birches and flowers

I have noticed a few red leaves on the swamp maples already. In my mind it is too soon, yet apparently not as there they are gracing the slender branches. This fall should have brilliant colors given all the rain, each year has its own feel to it based on the weather we’ve had. I look forward to fall for back road drives and foggy mornings. The weather is clear and cool, and the skies that lovely shade of blue. The part I find most difficult is the shorter days.

This fall in particular feels like there will be new beginnings. There is an energy that seems to be running through these late summer days. A particular hum that is vibrating through the air and giving a bit of sparkle to the edges of things. Perhaps I am just seeing it reflected in the changes I see other people around me making in their lives, whatever it is it feels as if it can rub off.

Sailing on

Mixed media with Polish postage stamp

The sun still has a red glow to it in the mornings and evenings due to the wildfire smoke drifting across the country. All the rain we have received would be welcome to the west, but the weather doesn’t work that way. Those rainy days have meant more studio than outdoor time, which is a good thing as I have been able to explore different materials and techniques as a result. I gave myself this summer to redirect and reset my art goals. It has meant a lot of work, and out of my comfort zone thinking, but I have stuck with it. I have kept my excitement up and figured out each obstacle that arose, even if it meant I had to admit ignorance and ask for help. It has been an expansive summer for me as I have done this, and though I don’t want to rush fall, I am ready for this next step.

Lantern Lights

Mixed media of Chinese Lanterns

The gardens are turning to midsummer blooms now. The black eyed Susans, Queen Anne’s lace and daylilies are center stage. My mother’s garden had Chinese lanterns which were always adding that pop of bright color plus unusual shape. She would dry them to use in floral arrangements around the house. It was this memory that prompted me to create this piece and give it an aged feel. Once I complete all the steps for my new site this piece will be one of the online courses I will offer.

It’s all about change again this year in order accommodate the new way things are being done. Everyone has had to adjust and realign their old ways of doing things to best fit how we live now. It also opens up new possibilities that seemed undoable before.


Old record on vintage stereo turntable

What do you have on repeat on your mental turntable? What pieces from you childhood and youth do you keep allowing to spin over and over? It can be very hard to separate this soundtrack from your daily playlist. After all you have been hearing it for years.

* rich people are crooked or they wouldn’t have wealth. *never leave a job even if it is a bad fit *good people are content with what they have. *wanting better is a sign of greed. *you will never amount to anything * you are just like so and so

The list goes on and on, is tailor made from our experiences, and can take years to breakaway from. It is always waiting in the background for the moment to drop the needle and start playing again. There are ways to break the replay, and maybe the whole record, but it can take hard work. It takes time to unlearn lessons you unconsciously took in during formative years. Some people find success through therapy, others through meditation. Self help books can be the route for others, exercise can work too. The biggest things seems to be knowing what is on repeat, breaking the flow of it and writing new lines. Much as Wierd Al Yankovic uses news lyrics set to familiar tunes.