While we were in between addresses last week I was able to get out at night and get some images. A rarity in recent years

Going from the dark of the rural neighborhood to a place with streetlights is an odd feeling. It will take some getting used to. Many things will; the new commute, new grocery store layout, new distances. It will be weird for awhile.

The old brain will need retraining and overwriting of well entrenched habits will have to be dealt with. I already took the old turn leaving work and had to do a u turn. Years in the same place does that, it sets in stone the accustomed distances and end points.



The summer color is in full swing now. I am enjoying these waning days seeing what is blooming before we move. Monday will be the last day here, when we close the door that final time and step into something new. It is the “something new” that keeps me awake at night in the mind loops that always occur in the wee hours. I think it should be mandatory that only pleasant thoughts spoil a night of sleep.

Tonight, after a busy day of packing and toting capped off by mowing the lawn one last time, I hope to sleep solidly. There’s much still to get done before Monday.


After several twists, turns, misdirects and feints, we finally landed a house. One we had looked at and missed out on. Then as we moved on, the deal fell apart and the agent asked our’s if we were still interested. Luckily we hadn’t yet been able to find an apartment to rent. Now it is the final 20 some days until closing and moving. The pace has picked and is soon to become frantic.

It is an exciting time and also a crazy one. Though we are familiar with the area from Joe’s years on the force, we have new areas to the east open to explore. New trails to find, new places to discover and so much more.

Admitting defeat

After months of looking, outbids , failed offers and with the closing date looming it is time to admit defeat in our house buying process. The market being in a frenzy over the few places being sold is not one I want to be part of.

So this means apartment or townhouse rental search must be done. Not the outcome we were looking for, but it had to be done. Which will mean the garage contents of yard and house stuff must be dealt with on short order. Rakes, ladders, shovels, mower, thrower, all that sort of thing. Plus items I am not so sure I want to part with but know need to be dealt with.

It makes it a much harder process than just a regular move from house to house, or even house to condo. Which makes a tense time even tenser since I am the handler of it all. And so this sideways step will send us off in an unexpected direction, one I can only hope is a good one.

The details

Cooperage 5-5-2018_041

The house search continues to slog on, and on, as the closing date here moves at a faster pace. I want my own stuff back out of boxes so I don’t have to rummage or do without an item I need. Usually spring brings a rush of houses to the market as people wrap up the school year and hope to get settled before summer is too far underway. This year however, that has not been the case. There are plenty of expensive places, or places that need a great deal of work (sometimes both of those in the same place), but little in the range we are looking at. Each place we find, sells in a day or the bids go through the roof, making for disappointment for all the other bidders. And so we continue, waiting for new places to come on the market that don’t need a bulldozer. Maybe today the right place will come on and we will have our offer accepted. Time will tell.