Steady on

Brookline 10-20_018

The water has been so high since spring, yet this rock seems untroubled. Water rises, water recedes regardless of any plans we make. What we need to do is try to remain aware of the many changes that occur which are beyond our control and to allow what we can to pass around us with the currents.



Brookline 10-20_041

October is over, November has begun. The clocks will be set back this weekend bringing in closer, darker nights. Fireplace weather, woodstove days, bonfire nights- all to keep the dark and cold at bay. I am leaning into this season, likely our last in this house, to not only enjoy the days, but also to winnow what I want to carry forth from here. It is a time to travel light and leave behind that which no longer is needed.

Work days


I am getting that restive feeling of being ready to move on to something new for work. Nothing has presented itself that is a specific pointer on this path, it is more a wondering what else is out there. There are things in the works that have not yet revealed themselves, so I am being patient and open to what is unfolding. As so I wait and watch for the opportunities that will appear.

Which key


As Joe and I plan to downsize I am finding it hard to be patient and let things unfold naturally. It feels too passive, too “hoping for someone else to make things fall in place”. So many moving pieces that are moving in their own orbit, not in a manner of my design. All we can do is be open, or wait for the proper key to appear.


Forest abstract

All feels a-wiggle now. Spring is in and out of the air as we await some warmer weather and signs of blossoms. The turtles had clambered up on the logs to sun themselves, but now have returned to the mud with the colder weather. Yard work is beginning in small bits between snows. There is much to do. We are looking to move next spring/summer and have a list that seems to stay the same length regardless of how much gets crossed off.  The first college graduation is next month, with all the change that will bring as dorm items come home to roost before moving on. My feelings swing from side to side in this time of change; excitement to worry, busy to idle thoughts. Breathe-breathe-breathe.


Dunstable Pepperell 3-23-2018_102Joe and I have been doing a lot of back road driving, in NH in the spring that means keeping off the dirt (mud) roads if at all possible. Once the snow melts and the trails firm up we will get back out on hikes. Ditto for city treks, but there it is snow melts and the sidewalks are passable. It’s all part of the changing of the season here, one that feels long overdue after the last two snow storms we had. Now we are edging into April, it seems March just started and here it is the final days of the month. We are entering April full of high spirits and a sense of adventure about many things.