People rarely consider good change to be any reason to grieve. Grief has been assigned a gloomy spot to reside where it is only associated with negativity and loss. Yet, to leave behind a place, person, job etc all mean a loss of what was even while moving forward.   I guess that is why there is the word “bittersweet”.

I urge you to check out the blog link below and see the list Chris has of losses, it lists a sample of 47 types of losses. They aren’t all what you’d think.





I am feeling slight vibrations beneath my feet.

A job hunting friend casually mentioned that she had heard the local middle school library was going to have an assistant position posted soon. My ears pricked up and I inquired further. A Monday – Friday, 30 hours a week position which offers benefits. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a great job for which I am perfectly suited, good pay, work 3-4 days a week and have a great group of co-workers. What that job doesn’t have is benefits.

The vibrations continue as I hear that the boss is a good boss. I have decided to go for it and submit my resume as soon as the job is posted and see where it leads. Having benefits will save us somewhere around $600/mo, which is huge. Of course, as all change does, it will require upheaval from all that is now familiar, and learning a new system and space. And yet, and yet…it feels like a good thing to shoot for. There are of course things that will have to be considered. But I am putting myself is the frame of mind that the job is mine for the taking, inviting in the abundance and flow of good vibes.


Long ago and far away

river 1

Joe and I went to Calgary and then on to the Banff area. It was a very different time, we were young for one thing, had 2 very small children and the future unfurled before us uncluttered by any debris of life’s upsets. Now and close to home, it is also very different. Both children grown, we are older and a TBI has shifted the course we thought we were on. Life does that to everyone in some form or another, at one age or another. It is inevitable, yet so far the sun has continued to rise, the rivers continue to flow and trees grow and fall. Each day an adventure in a whole new way.

Changing it up

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New month new look. After years with my old blog look I decided it was time to try something new! With all the changes I have taken on, and had to take on over the last year, it felt like I just needed to do it. Though my finger did hover over the publish button, no lie. I like the streamlined look, and had considered it some time ago, bit just couldn’t seem to do it. I am starting my end of year review and next year planning, a fun bit of daydreaming and accounting, maybe that has something to do with it.

“M” is for migration


Today I said farewell to a dear friend who is moving many states away. Off on a new adventure years is the making. She is migrating, following a flight line to a new nesting place. Our time together today was as fun as always, and yet, a very bittersweet one. I feel so many doors have closed lately, and don’t see any opening to lead someplace new, exciting and good. All shall be well, all shall be well.