Small shifts

Mixed media art journal page with “you can choose” text.

It is still early in the month even though the routine of school and work are back. Is this the year you will choose to get something underway that has been trying to push to the front of your mind? That long delayed desire to “do” vs “dream”? You can make a start, however small, to start shifting yourself in that new direction. This upcoming first full weekend of January is a great time to set aside a slice of time to mull over options, actions and emotions about making changes. Aren’t you worth the contemplative time? Start with this small action and see where it leads, the year stretches out just waiting for you.

Courageous joy

Mixed media index card with “courageous joy “ text

I am not sure what I will use the decorated index cards for, there are a lot of options. So far I have 5 done in this color theme which just evolved as I went. Each week I am trying new techniques to see what works naturally, and what needs to be tweaked a bit. Way back 8 months ago when I did the Creative Jumpstart 2022 through there was a “one little word” challenge project, where each participant chose a word for the year that had meaning. I chose create with the dual meaning of making regular creative time, and creating a life that suits me. The former has occurred, the latter is taking more time due to all the moving parts that need to be dealt with. But I started, I could have kept putting it off, saying it wasn’t the right time. Now that I have made that shift the whole route ahead has a different terrain.


Mixed media journal page with “reimagined” on it

I am at the one year mark or reimagining where I wanted my art to take me. A casual conversation with a fellow artist gave me a whole new take on things. Sometimes that is what it takes, just a fresh perspective from someone on the outside to show new possibilities. It allows the chance to stop doing the same things over and over, and to try something different. Of course, changing courses always means leaving the known and stepping out in faith that any bumps in the road will be minor. It has been quite a year, full of creativity, growth and new experiences. Two authors I read early on that helped spur me on are Jen Sincero and Marie Forleo, if you are looking for some motivation, check them out.


Mixed media journal page in summer colors

Here we go into June! There is a feeling at the end of the school year that summer will provide a break, a respite from daily cares. Adults know this is an illusion and that the worldly woes won’t take a vacation, we still have that childlike feeling though that summer is different from the rest of the year.

Writing this after the week we had makes me hope we can turn things around. The realist in me knows how unlikely any sort of change is. When we talk of cultural change we forget that it takes generations for the things to improve in a culture, for mindsets entrenched in fear and loathing to get unstuck and find an open space in their hearts. Turning things around takes so much time.

What is revealed

Bold mixed media with scratched in plant stem details

I have just wrapped up the Creative Jumpstart 2022, a full month of art lessons focusing mainly on mixed media. I wasn’t able to get every lesson completed, but hit about 75% and learned so much. It was a great way to start off the year as it pushed me to try new techniques. I feel as if I am on the cusp of a change, there is something in the air that I can just catch the first scent of. Perhaps in February it will be revealed.