first pics 001

This is O’Neill on what used to be his favorite perch: the cable box. It gave out a gentle heat that felt good on chilly days. However, I noticed over the last few months not only was he not using it, pretty much no one else was ever even watching tv anymore. So today it went back to the cable provider, cutting one more monthly bill from the pack. I am culling the herd, picking off the weak dik-diks, and the cable was an easy one. (The VCR beneath it is gone too.) We have apple tv for Netflix, PBS and youtube, and computers for local news, plus radio. It won’t be a huge savings since we didn’t get the basic expanded package with all the HGTV, TLC and Food Network channels anyhow, but it is money not going out. Of course it will still go out, just on something else, rising food prices, college fees etc, there is always something. But at least it won’t be for something that mainly was just giving the time and warming the cat. (Don’t think he is going without though, now his favorite spot in underneath the comforters, all snuggled up nice and warm.)