Snagging at clouds


Already the last full week of November is upon us, and I am trying to snag these final days and be productive. I have artwork to get off the worktable and on the website for the holiday season, hopefully with little time spent calling tech support. I want to get out on more walks on days that are warm enough so I can get more photos and fresh air. As the magician in Frosty says “Busy, busy, busy!” The girls come home for the break over the next two days, so the house will fill with noise and laundry for a brief time before descending into December days. It is nearly time to assess the goals of the year that were reached and those that remained undone, and to make goals for 2017.Goals both reasonable and wild, to feed the soul and help it take flight.


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Autumn crocus

When we dropped off my yet work for an upcoming show the garden called out to be strolled though. So we did, and the fall blooms were lovely. After that stroll we decided to head off on one of the trails for a hike, also lovely. This is a busy month for me, pick up from one show, drop off at 2 others, then repeat again the final week of the month. I am also in bloom, busy with creating, getting to know how my new website works, regular work and continuing to help Joe in his recovery. There is much to do, much to learn and much to be happy about in this bridge time between summer and fall.

Nice structure


It is midweek already. I had to stop and check that because it didn’t seem possible. But it is. My Wednesday schedule is one that has some give in it, I don’t head to work until 3, so I can fit in a patchwork of tasks beforehand. The earlier I get up, and better I plan, the more I can cross off the continually regenerating list. There is a nice structure to Wednesday to work within. This is a busy week too, so the list has been seeing a lot of cross-offs. Deliver print to Health Center- check, Attend Holy Grail program- check, return books- check, get submissions in for art show-check, work on studio updating- check (on some aspects), order photos- check. Etc, you know how it goes. But it is a good kind of busy, sure beats: go for meeting with specialist, or follow up test, or court date and the like.

Now it is time for a cup of early afternoon tea and a bit of reading!


beaver brook reflection


Can it really be Friday already? According to the calendar it is, and I am not sure where the week went. I remember a snowy day, 2 cars in for oil changes, errands, a meeting and getting the taxes done. But it doesn’t seem possible that ate up so much time. Of course there was the driving here and there, some studio time, meal prep and such, but wow!, where did the week go? Well regardless of where the week went, it is Friday and I need to get done what lingers on my weekday to do list before the weekend one starts. I am off to the studio and to squeeze in a couple of errands to squeeze a bit more out of the week before it trickles away. The week ripples out into the weekend which in turn ripples out into next week, it just seems the ripples are spreading faster and faster though!