The Ladder


The ladder shadows

tell a conflicting tale of

ascension and descent.

Which way is really up,

which is down?

Is that knowledge at the top

for use on the way down?

                  2017 R.K.Brown


Throwing it way back


I occasionally got through my old black and white negatives to see where I’ve been. Sometimes geographically, sometimes metaphorically. In this case I have no clue where I took this image. The shots on either side don’t narrow it down beyond Saratoga County NY area in the 1986ish. Seeing how my eye has developed and looking at the foundations of my style intrigues me. Why do lonely, un-peopled scenes continue to interest me? Why have natural or timeworn things always attracted me? Inner archaeology of our art style can show surprising ties to our developmental years.

On down the line


The last passenger train has long since departed from this station. Now only the occasional freight train passes by. Though I have driven by on the road about 30 yards parallel to it I don’t remember ever seeing it. This time I did, and made sure to stop as we headed home to take a closer look. I am unsure why this trip brought out such a melancholy batch of photos, but it did. I don’t have a single photo of anyone opening gifts, the first Christmas ever that I didn’t document the holiday. Which is actually okay as it meant I participated instead of being behind a camera. I plan to step up my abandoned structure photography and scouted out several spots to check back on. Plus my brother has a list of places he knows of as he travels the back roads of the county, so I will be amply supplied with locations. I just need to set aside a weekend to get down there and have the weather cooperate.