The day




The air

full of the promise

of spring and days


The sand


our steps as we pass.

              RK Brown ’17



Beach memories

7-1-2014_026When I was out at the beach back in July I noticed a distant outcropping that at first appeared to have many birds standing on it and remaining very still. Curious I walked closer and soon realized that the dark shapes were in fact rock piles people had made. There were easily over 100 such towers of many sizes, and in spite of the proximity to the beach the spot was almost silent, only the sound of the tide seemed to exist. There was an odd sort of feel as I clambered over the outcropping to take it all in. It felt as if each of the towers held a prayer or a memory from the creator that was giving off a steady low level energy like a clear, small bell sound at a distance carrying across the land. No markings tell anything of the makers which I think adds to the mysterious feel of the place, like when you find a bit of china cup in the dirt. You know what it is but little else, you know someone once held it but not much more or how it ended up where it did. Sometimes all we can do is sit in the mystery and marvel at all we can’t know.


Warming the Soul

It is hard sometimes on bitter cold days to think warm weather will return even though we know it will. Cold weather always shocks the system and clears the head,scattering cobwebs that have taken up residence. Things seem to sharpen and crystallize on the brittle air, and a strange sense of invigoration takes hold.  And yet…we long to feel the warmth of the sun seeping into our bones. Sunny summer days nourish us and we store up the warmth for the cold stretches of winter. In  Leo Lionni’s Frederick, readers are shown how Frederick sets aside what he knows will be needed for winter in just this way. Setting aside portions of sun, and colors, and the feelings of summer to draw upon when needed. When I took this photograph, it seemed to me that this woman was doing just that so on cold winter days she too could call upon those stores to warm her soul.


May the warmth of other days come to warm your soul.