Into November

Autumn colored mixed media with ‘create what you seek’ and stencil of plant

Now that the corner has been turned and November is here the days seem to slip away. The shortened hours heighten that feeling. The sun plays tricks, shining brightly and the quickly setting when we blink. It is an adjustment every year to get used to this. I spent some time exploring fall themes this weekend, using leaves to make prints and silhouettes on different surfaces. A bit of experimenting to see the results and have some fun. The leaves held up to the job, but had a one day usability. Luckily my yard has more and many have yet to be hit with a frost. I am hoping to gather more this coming weekend to press and use over the winter. That way I can keep a bit of autumn with me.

The End of Augusting

Unfiltered sunset

Here it is the tail end of August, the final few weeks of summer lie ahead. It catches me by surprise every year how quickly summer slips away. The first school bus rolls down the street and wham it is September. The chorus of crickets at night reach their crescendo and start to taper off. The woods take on that different smell that foretells the approach of fall.

There is a wistfulness that comes with this change of seasons that seems specific. Perhaps that is why fall explodes in so much glorious color, to soothe us over the loss of summer.


Mixed media piece of birches and flowers

I have noticed a few red leaves on the swamp maples already. In my mind it is too soon, yet apparently not as there they are gracing the slender branches. This fall should have brilliant colors given all the rain, each year has its own feel to it based on the weather we’ve had. I look forward to fall for back road drives and foggy mornings. The weather is clear and cool, and the skies that lovely shade of blue. The part I find most difficult is the shorter days.

This fall in particular feels like there will be new beginnings. There is an energy that seems to be running through these late summer days. A particular hum that is vibrating through the air and giving a bit of sparkle to the edges of things. Perhaps I am just seeing it reflected in the changes I see other people around me making in their lives, whatever it is it feels as if it can rub off.