Project complete


It took me quite awhile, months in fact, but I finally got my home studio space pulled together. Joe suggested I put up all the pieces I had stacked and leaning up on the walls. Very English grand home effect, but he was right on with the suggestion. One side is photos and the other is mixed media. It isn’t as big or vibrant as my space at Western Ave, but it works- though only if I do. I have just a couple more things to polish up and get in place, but basically I am done. Though someday in the future I see A LOT of nail hole spackling!


Walk About

Here is a quick tour of the Western Ave Studios and a few of the works artists have outside their spaces. I have put any contact info on the images, those that didn’t have any are generally easily found on facebook. This weekend is Open Studios,  so for those who can’t get to Lowell here is a peek at some of what is there!

4-23-2013_003 4-23-2013_025 4-23-2013_030 4-26-2013_077



100 postcards

I decided to set down a challenge of making and sending 100 postcards in 2013. This is the first batch, not all got used only 10 went out. They are simple done with acrylic of heavyeight paper, collage bits, cut up calendar bits, ink and colored pencil. I made another 13 today. The toughest part will be not sending 100 to 1 person! Email has cut down on my street address stock more than I realized. I figure 25 people, 4 cards each is okay spread over the year. Plus the point is to keep trying new art techniques and let people get something other than credit card offers, bills and sales flyers in their mailbox.

It makes for a good mail day!