Find energy

Mini art journal spread with “find energy” text atop paper layers.

There are days my energy level is through the roof and I tick project after project off the list. Then there are the medium level days where I get done the necessities. The low level days can either be the worst or the best. Some are days where everything feels too much, is all heavy lifting, or like wading against the current. But some are nesting days, where it is pleasant to not be going full speed but to go slow. Yesterday was a full energy day, today is somewhere just below that. Things are getting done, there is less urgency and more of a desire to sit and enjoy the spring weather. I will get things done, but will also recharge.

Mid week dance

Mini art journal mixed media with postage stamp of dancer

Wednesday is here, the tipping point of most of our work week. It is where we check to see progress on things and guesstimate what we can accomplish before the work week ends. This becomes a bit of a dance as we try to get everything we need to done so as to not start the next week with a backlogs of tasks. I know heading into work that the email boxes might well be full, but I resist checking them over the weekend as I can’t do anything about the requests without being at work. Luckily a number will be ads or business promos that I can delete unopened, which gives an immediate perception of productiveness, and the rest can be sorted out. Once I have the inboxes down under 20, I can waltz through the rest of the week.

The work of living

Where are you at as April comes to a close? Are you seeing progress on your goals? It can sometimes be hard to gauge progress in some areas. Weight loss is evident in clothes that are loose and numbers on a scale, schoolwork is measured by assignments completed and turned in. Debt repayment by declining balances. Other areas it is harder to see progress, or it is sporadic. Skills of all sorts have this in common, one attempt might be terrific and the next terrible. Job hunting is another where an interview may not lead to a second one or a job offer. Trying to become a better person is an especially challenging one as there are not set guideposts to go by. In all things you can only do your best in that given moment and keep trying.

Close up of face in mixed media piece


Mini journal spread with fortune cookie “ Apply your imagination to every problem that arises.”

My mini journal is getting chunky, filled with pages of deliciousness. I am about a third of the way through it and already it is getting hard to close with the elastic. The plumpness is a healthy sign of regular creativity. It is also a sign of scrap sorting, which is a very meditative activity. Engaging your imagination is as important as exercise, and often as you use it solutions rise up to nagging problems. I like to get a page or so done a day in one of my journals, just to give my mind a chance to filter things from the day.

Simplicity in lines

Black and white simple landscape

I tried a different style today, one I want to explore more. This year is all about creating and trying new things. This piece was just a quick example I did on mark making for a YT video. I went into it with no real goal in mind but to show viewers how they can use marks to create a quick, expressive piece. I feel there is a different current running just below the surface recently, just humming along and vibrating up through the soles of my feet. It feels full of possibilities.