Corner side

Fitchburg 7-3_001

I don’t know what this old building was, but likely it was beautiful in its day. It still retains touches of that beauty in the details. Once part of a thriving main street downtown in a mill town that has taken the brunt of the loss of mill and manufacturing jobs. Most of the buildings sit empty and decaying, how long before the many roofs give way is anybody’s guess.




Fitchburg 7-3_018What do you glimpse from behind your curtain?

From your chair by the window.

Do you see the world go by from your perch?

The circus of life passing by.

The dramas played out on the sidewalk below,

the seasons changing like a backdrop to it all.


9.Wilmington 10-21_009

This is the shot for October in this year’s calendar. I have passed this spot many times over the past couple decades, and it looks the same year after year. I wonder who chose to call this spot home originally. Surely it was heavily wooded, so haw could they guess what the lay of the land really was. There is a pond off to the left out of the image which no doubt was a draw. There was no paved road though, leading to civilization and industry. It was the woods, the mountain and the land, and a lot of work to turn it into the farm it would become.


Chesham Station 7-15_068

There aren’t many buildings around this old depot so likely it was a stopping point for the farmers to load their produce to send off to the cities, to hotels and markets. Such a different time in so many ways. Even the name on the side seems to be a thing of the past. The rails are long gone, just a ghost of a track leading off along the right side and into the woods, onto another stop further up the line. Imagine the excitement when the sound of the whistle carried into town, items and people coming in from somewhere else. Now we seems less likely to be thrilled by something so commonplace, Amazon delivers so quickly there is no time for anticipation to build. Except for rail, transportation speeds people to wherever they need to go. I think the loss of that anticipation, that delayed gratification has not helped us very much. We are too quick to receive and discard, as the items don’t really fill the need we have.

New chances

Dunstable 6-22_001

The back side of an old barn tells a different story than the other, partially renovated side. While the work is freshening up the building, the character on this side tells the story. Of winter storms, summer heat and gales of many years, of old repairs and changes in use. When it is completed the barn will look lovely for years to come, but few will know where it came from. I am unsure if this is a bad thing, as it is a fresh start and we can all relate to that from some point in our life.