The secret life of houses

Charlemont 4-22-2018_037

Beautiful, solid and empty. But what a story lies behind those walls. Every house has chapters that make up the story, if we are lucky there is a plaque that let’s us know what some that story has been.

Charlemont 4-22-2018_035


New chances

Dunstable 6-22_001

The back side of an old barn tells a different story than the other, partially renovated side. While the work is freshening up the building, the character on this side tells the story. Of winter storms, summer heat and gales of many years, of old repairs and changes in use. When it is completed the barn will look lovely for years to come, but few will know where it came from. I am unsure if this is a bad thing, as it is a fresh start and we can all relate to that from some point in our life.

A someday spot

Charlton 6-1_038

Walking early one morning I stopped to get this image of my childhood neighbor’s farm pond. The farm animals are long gone, part of the fields sold off to hold a house, the barn still stands as does the house. Both basically empty, just one human occupant and various mice and barn cats uses the spaces. The house is much fancier thanĀ  one might expect, it is almost Italianate in style. I am unsure if the original house was more of a colonial style or if this is the original house. Each time I am in NY I say I am going to stop by and see if I can walk through the barn, but I never make the time or no one is at home. Both the house and barn I would like to photograph with the light pouring in. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

To be saved

Dunstable 4-21-2018_001

When we drove by on Wednesday and I saw the windows being removed I feared for the time left for the barn. Joe and I went by today, and saw a sign on the side for a restoration company. Then, a man pulled up and we asked him about the barn’s future. It turns out the property has been purchased by a local land trust. Only a couple lots will be sold off in 2 acre parcels for houses to help cover the costs of the restoration. Plus, an added bonus for me, I can stop by and get some interior shots.

School days

Old Albany copy neg_001

But it’s co-ed inside. Or it was when it was a school, which was at least 40 years ago. This is how it was looking back in the mid 1980’s, decrepit and forlorn. It was changed soon after into condos, which must get great light through those windows. The BOYS ENTRANCE is on the opposite end, and the main entrance stairs which say neither boys or girls, and maybe were for parents and official visitors only. Or possibly boys or girls in the singular could enter there. It is a curious thing. I found this old photo in a stack I was sorting and tossing, the negative must be somewhere very safe, as I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it will turn up someday, an odd bit of historical imagery.