Altered States

While out and about checking out old, empty buildings I found these two and decided to alter their hue a bit to make them even more surreal and creepy. It gives a different feel, though I also kept like the originals for the general forlorn feel they each exude. Later this week I will have the chance to get inside an old, derelict building that once housed orphans I think. I am hoping the 1960 “improvememnts” haven’t totally ruined the interiors. But for now see what you think of these, they are a bit Halloweenish, but I notice the stores already have their fall/Halloween items out. (Even christmas in a couple stores.)


I like the images both before and after. Tha additioanl eerieness of the altered ones gives a bit of a shiver down the spine as if they aren’t just abandoned, but possibly possessed or biding their time to come to life. Hope you like them! Will see what I get at the old buildinsg this week!