Tiny wonders

Four 2 inch bright mixed media pieces

When I work small I have to approach the piece differently. Different decisions have to be made from the start in order not to overwhelm the final balance. One thing I enjoy about tiny art is that I get to use up my tiniest scraps, all the bits I have hung onto “just in case”. When I do 1” size the restrictions are even tougher to work within. If you want to try making small scale pieces like these, go ahead and dive in! You will likely enjoy the process and feel encouraged to make more. Start at the 2” size first so you can get used to the scale, and then try some 1” ones.

Four 1” bold mixed media pieces

Here are some 1” pieces, commonly called “inchies”, so you can compare the two sizes. You are working with the littlest scraps you have for this size. But, much like bonsai, it is what you choose to leave that makes it work.

Good vibrations

Layered mixed media with pink, yellow, and black.

The bold colors in this piece lift my spirits, there are a lot of good vibrations going on here bouncing off each other and going out into the world. I have been doing mostly bold colored pieces recently, perhaps because of the lackluster fall color we had in the area. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying the creative time where I get to surround myself with bright, cheerful colors. What are some of your go to colors when you create? Leave a comment, I am always looking to explore new color combinations.


Mixed media using purple, deep red, yellow and orange

I didn’t know what ‘Atras’ meant. Since it is printed on a sewing pattern I was thinking it might be a sewing term, but it means ‘attracted’. Such are the mysteries of sewing, as I can’t see where that word would make sense. Mixed media offers its own mysteries as you create each piece, that is the fun of it. You start out with an idea, work along on the piece, and end up with a creation that you didn’t see coming.

It can be hard for people to get started in mixed media as the process seems too willy nilly and free flowing. It requires taking a leap into the creative whirlpool of color, texture, composition and layers. I love to help people take that leap and see their finished creations.

Time lapse video of mixed media project