Tossing time

Plastic German clock in leaf pile

This clock was laying in the yard of a boarded up house. I think it is an accurate image for this year, one in which time seems to be an afterthought most days. Tossed aside, as there are few places we need to be going, and little to be on time for. Here we are, just passed the eleventh hour, beyond the reach of spring, summer and nearly autumn. There is a different feel in the air, less a holiday one than a “what’s next” mood. It seems the whole year has been one odd, unexpected, bizarre thing after another. But are we ready for 2021, are we really?

2020 approaches


Now October is truly coming to a close, I will start seeing more people wanting a calendar. It is always a balancing act for me to do the sales part of it while not becoming too pushy. I don’t like pushy sales tactics used on me and don’t want to fall into that style of marketing. Last year I did a number of cold calls at local shops, I didn’t hit 100% for takers, nut did have small success. That being said I am not pursuing that route this year, I found it too uncomfortable a method for me given the results. I don’t find the “go big or go home” mantra is one I should follow as it doesn’t fit my personality. However, finding another way to succeed on the calendar front has proven vexing. I probably need to hound those who say they want one, but then send no address. It is a tricky spot to be in, but one I may need to take on. It will push me into an area I would prefer not to be in, one where the hard sell is needed and I have to push to move things along. I guess I’ll see how it works out, that after all would be 2020 hindsight.