Spring touches

Mini art journal spread in blue, green and pink on scraps.

Mid month approaches, the first quarter of the year is nearly done. The start of spring is well underway with sprouts and buds, and even some patches of scilla and daffodils in bloom. Nature ticks on without our needing to intervene, we are just here to appreciate and observe all the different changes the season brings.

Sun drenching

Morning sun in Newport RI alleyway

I don’t post photos that often, but this one felt right for an Easter morning. Last weekend my husband and I took our first weekend getaway in many years that wasn’t to check in on relatives. A whole 48 hours of doing whatever caught our fancy, and the chance for me to refill the visual library for future reference. I walked miles up and down streets just taking it all in, I sat quietly in our room enjoying the view. The time was all about relaxation. My studio stayed ready for my return, I brought no supplies along, choosing instead to just meld it all into my memory.


Mixed media art journal page with dictionary scrap of “hope”.

This little scrap is my favorite part of this page. The whole piece swung back and forth between working together and falling apart as I did each layer. It was because I started with a deep green that was just too much to work with. But this section of it I like. Finding this particular scrap felt fortuitous this week. For many spring is all about hope and the renewal it brings. In general it is a word people use daily as they look for things to improve. Hope is a funny word, as one person might hope for equality, and another one hopes for the status quo to remain in place.


Mixed media journal page with “explore new possibilities”

The last couple days have been a getaway, the first in many years that was all just for fun. Flexible plans, loose timetable, and lots of wandering up a d down streets just looking and taking things in. I did nothing work related, or even anything I didn’t want to do. I read when I wanted (specifically Everything, Beautiful by Ella Francis Sanders, perfect for a getaway), walked when I wanted, lounged, touristed and ate when I wanted. It was a delightful chance for my husband and I to just relax and enjoy being together. Tomorrow it is back to the workaday schedule and regular life, and that is okay as the routine was disrupted most delightfully for a little bit.


“Think” mixed media with bold purple and orange accents.

I can overthink things, spinning out plot lines just for the mental exercise of getting a different perspective. I will compose poetry, start a story, mull things over, take a flight of fancy, just for the fun of it. My art journal gives me a visual outlet for ideas, a place to play and explore. When I first started I wasn’t sure I would like it, much like when I started this blog, but sometimes things are just what you need.