Blameless sameness

Artist trading card “grow your own way” text with vintage photo of young boy against muted patterned background

The halfway mark, which seems impossible, how can that many days have passed? Time still has that slippery quality which has persisted since March of 2020. I am aware that days are passing, yet they seem to add up to nothing in particular. There are few notable occasions with which to mark time. Thursday feels like Friday, Wednesday feels like Tuesday. The blameless sameness I guess it could be called. Here it is early April, yet I can call little of March beyond the routine of work, and even that has no specific days of mention I can recall unless I try really hard. It is good that I undertook the 100 day project so as to at least have something that is new each day even if small. At the end there will be tangible proof that I did something out of the ordinary each day.

As it is April, National Poetry Month, I am enjoying the creative efforts of my poet friends. My own poetry is in a lull right now, I guess I am in gathering mode for future writing. One friend writes prolifically, and asks for titles so as to tailor write poems to challenge himself. They cover the gamut as the titles come from people of all walks, in various situations and moods. I have always enjoyed poetry, and still have many of my childhood poetry books and the poems I scribbled, they are truly awful yet sweet in their childlike way.

As I head into these final 50 days, I am hoping to continue expanding my skills and curiosity to create so really great ATCs. Then I will have 100 of them to do something with, just what I am going to do I am not sure yet! I will likely still feel slightly unmoored, but I know other will feel the same way.

The cost

Mixed media close up with torn piece of $20 bill

Now that the calendar has turned to April there should be a bounce in everyone’s moods. Instead there is a weirdness, an uneven tempo that persists in our days. Let’s be honest, the last 6 years have been filled with enough strangeness to last a lifetime. The current state of affairs in Ukraine have just upped the ante. Today on NPR they had a great interview about a topic I had come across not to long ago about the oddness we seem mired in, the vibe shift that has impacted all of us.

The vibe shift might sound like psychobabble to many, yet another way for slackers to justify their lack of energy. To others it makes perfect sense, explaining the daily disorientation they see and feel. But the very same people who roll their eyes are exhibiting the same vibe shift in their own aggressive, blame laying behavior. Every regular person is experiencing seismic shifts in their lives, losses they didn’t see coming, and anxiety about what the next thing will be that upsets everything. Some respond by behaving immaturely and blaming anyone who doesn’t share their views, others pull back to protect themselves and loved ones, and others try to fight back with kindness and good deeds. it continues to be a tenuous time with no way around it, we have to get through it and hope that better days lie ahead, and that the cost isn’t too great.

Going places

Day 38 of 100 of artist trading cards, envelope scraps on purple stenciled background

This week I used mainly scraps that I have hung onto “just in case”. Specifically scraps from security envelopes, which provide a nice bit of busy pattern to either add color to or leave plain. It seems as if I was just making card 26, I will blink and be over 50.

Day 39, spring colors with cardboard scrap and frog stamp from Australia

I have found comfort in making a card each day. It has allowed a quick escape from everything going on that is beyond my control. The world seems to be spinning off its axis again after a short stretch when it seemed maybe we were back on track. For now, all that can be done is acknowledge where things stand and work to get to a better place.

Spend life happy

Artist trading card of junk mail

I decided to create my 37th card using nothing but junk mail, of which I get a regular supply. The variety of patterns, colors and text gave me an ample selection to work with. In my art I like the challenge of working with what I have or unusual items. I have done several You Tube videos on stamping and printing background papers using everyday things. Check out one of the videos here! In doing the 100 day project I have let myself try new techniques and see how things work together. Sometimes it is a cool result, sometimes rather blah and in need of more work. Either way it is forcing me to think differently. By the end of May I will have 100 mini projects that I can use as reference for future projects and courses. It’s all part of the growth I said I would undertake this year.

Staying with it

Artist trading card with pink, turquoise, and yellow colors and scraps

It is the end of the weekend of a very hectic week, one I have no problem not repeating. I feel drained and a bit disoriented by it, and am so glad I kept to my daily creating schedule to give me a bit of peace and quiet. That has been vital to keeping my sanity, and I think will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. #the100dayproject is perfect for this, as all it asks is a consistent slice of time and a repeating style. The variety of ideas people choose is fascinating: quilt blocks, watercolors, stamps, fractal designs, etc. And of course it doesn’t have to be art, it can be fitness, writing, cooking to name a few. Why not try your own version of the 100 day project starting today!