Ready for it

Mini mixed media journal page with “ready for it” text

I have embarked on a year of creating and clearing out. So far both are going well, and it feels good. I have opened old boxes that got packed before our moved and dealt with the contents. It is so easy to end up with boxes of old holiday card photos, letters, trip memorabilia, and the like. Then it ends up on a shelf, neatly contained but serving no purpose. Letting go of stuff you no longer need is easy for some people and hard for others. It is about being ready for it.

Zipping along

Mixed media abstract in black and yellow

A friend told me they had already seen a couple of bees in their garden, the warm spell having given them spring fever as it does for humans. I caught it too and created this piece, Flight of the Bumblebee, just letting the process unfold freely. This is a fun and quick way to make art, few supplies are needed all you have to provide is a sense of fun and adventure to your work table. Want to give it a try? I have a quick video that covers the steps No long winded background, just the 1, 2, 3 that you need to create a piece of your own. Give it a try!

Dreaming of Spring

Journal pages in green and pink

The final full week of February is here, and since we have no snow on the ground it feels as is Spring is closer than it is. There might still be a snow storm or two ahead, but with no base layer it won’t last. I saw my first V of geese heading north and wonder what they will find at their nesting grounds when they arrive. It seems too soon for such journeys, yet they know better than I how to plan their migrations. I will look for the shoots of daffodils and tulips soon cautiously peeking out of the mulch. The first turning of the year approaches.