Sometimes what is needed is a bouquet of bright blossoms to lift your spirits.




I have been wanting to get back to this old building since I took this image back in December, and somehow it is now nearly April. I will have to make the time, that is all there is to it. Between work, weather, colds and packing the available free time has been slim. It isn’t that I’m not using my time well, it is more that there is just too much to do in the time available. I miss getting out with my camera, but life has required attention elsewhere. With all my studio supplies packed up it has been a creative drought these passed few months, which I am feeling sorely. I look forward to being able to dabble and hike and make a mess again, getting out in the world to see things and wander hither and yon. You can’t be wandering hither and yon to freshen up your soul.


Backyard 2-3-19_034

I will miss our backyard stream when we move, I have taken many treks along it over the last 26 years. I might even have seen this very beaver as a youngun’ years back swimming happily around. 10-14-2012_092.jpg

It very well might be, now all grown up and the proud builder of 3 dams and a lodge. Part of our moving adventure will be finding new places to hike. We have been fortunate to enjoy our stream for many years in many seasons. It has been a great part of our backyard, and I think the wildlife back there would agree.

Beyond the gate

Boston 3-16-19_021

A friend gave me 2 tickets to the Boston Flower Show, something I have wanted to go to for years and always put off or forgot about. This was the year though, and off Joe and I went to spend some time among the lovely displays of spring. Given that our realtor had just visited on Friday and given us the thumbs up for the house being ready to list, it was a weekend off for me from all that DIY. We wandered around looking at all the vendors, displays and various contest entries, just enjoying the chance to be doing something so different from the norm. Sometimes that is all that is needed, a bit of a change up to the routine to make things feel fresh again.

Quiet places

Harrisville 7-15_034

This past summer on a back road drive Joe and I pulled over in the small town of Harrisville and meandered around for a bit. There was much to see, old mill building, a classic general store, small sailboats moored on the water, and old houses ringing the town center. Each weekend, when house chores don’t rule the day, we try to head out down new to us roads. Some yield picturesque towns and open vistas, others just a nice ride to someplace new. Either way, we are out and about seeing new sights together.

100 days

Bedford 10-21_054

Give or take some days, I expect in about 100 days Joe and I will be closing the door on our home of 26 years and opening one to another. Most of the updating, fixing and winnowing has been done. The packing is down to the daily items and odds end ends that end up jumbled together in a life.

I am not so much sad about moving as I am that it has passed so quickly that the time has come to move. The years blended together so smoothly that it hardly seems so many can have gone by. Two babies, now adults. A cat, a cat and a cat. A young married couple, now an older one. It all happened right under my nose and in a time wrap that the early years bring, when all is ahead of you and much less behind. You reach a certain age when the latter really hits home, and it is a bit of a shock as we tend to not be able to think of being any age but the one we are. Our grandparents held the title of “older”, our parents of “old”, both groups being fully grown up in a way that seemed beyond our reach, until they start to pass and everyone moves up a step or two. our house has been a good house to us all these years since we built it, now it is time for another young couple to come in and raise their family here. A time for us to release it to its spot in our history.