Sharon 10-16_025Just a few leaves tossed by the current into a small pool as the water continues to gurgle passed. It can be hard to just sit and watch the activity going by, feeling as if you are stuck. It can be just as hard to be swept away with no control and see the calmness at the edges. Each can give a false sense of reality.



Mines Falls 11-4_048

The roar of the water is contrasted by the whisper of the mist. How can something so powerful create something so delicate that floats above the noise. It makes for a striking juxtaposition that reminds me of the importance of using my strength in a way that doesn’t overpower and subjugate, but incorporates a bit of finesse of gentleness and empathy.

All in a row

hollis 11-2_010

I have begun to pack up my studio supplies now that the last workshop of the year is in the books. This will require boxes and accurate labeling so that should a workshop request come in, I won’t be in a total dither trying to locate supplies. It will also mean I can’t create on a whim as time allows, which often resulted in supplies everywhere. As we head out of this year and into the next I want to have less disarray and am willing to set aside my mixed media time. Plus, as we look to move I want to be ready to go when the right place appears should that be sooner than I am expecting. It needs to be a time of order for me so I can deal with what needs doing and do it.


Hollis 10-14 0047

The start of November has been full of activity. Two shows hung to start the month off, 1 hour toured, 1 opening reception held, 1 open house attended, DIY tasks completed, boxes packed, leaves raked, 1 workshop inquiry, hours spent revamping website, new brochure completed. I can only hope that the month settles down a bit as I don’t think I can keep this pace up! But I am on a mission to get things done and know I have to strike while the iron is hot as I never know when the energy might ebb or the schedule go off script. Life is funny that way, throwing up unexpected detours and dead ends on us.


Brookline 10-20_041

October is over, November has begun. The clocks will be set back this weekend bringing in closer, darker nights. Fireplace weather, woodstove days, bonfire nights- all to keep the dark and cold at bay. I am leaning into this season, likely our last in this house, to not only enjoy the days, but also to winnow what I want to carry forth from here. It is a time to travel light and leave behind that which no longer is needed.