Brookline 12-17_030

 In the woods if you stop to listen,

the stream has a tale to tell as it rattles passed the ice and rocks.


The edge of the season

Groton Townsend 11-23_010

The fields are harvested, the geese have done their gleaning and the season has turned to snow. All the bard stubble is beneath a layer of white that allows the mice to scamper safely to and from their endeavors. Now as the winter quiet settles in as the cold nights close in, the bare landscape shows a lovely side to those who pause to see it.

Early December

Milford 12-2_056

The final weeks of the year are underway, too often they are clouded by the holiday mania that occurs. Advertising agencies have perfected a way to convince the masses that the perfect Christmas means finding the perfect gifts, and spending more than intended. And so I am sharing this serene image as a sort of early gift for my readers to relax into at this busy time. Enjoy!