Mixedmedia journal page in blue, purple and sepia with “closure” text.

I didn’t think I would take to having an art journal, but have found it to be a great way to try out different styles and to let things unfold in their own way. This particular page is my first one that has a 3-D element as the final layer. There are many elements to the word closure depending on the viewer, I liked the idea that it is what the item is for. Sometimes things are that simple.


When it comes to being ready we often become professional obstacle tossers to slow down making that next step. It might be additional, unneeded research, changing focus to things that don’t really need our attention, or deciding the time isn’t right. It takes a laser-like focus on your goal to keep moving towards. It also takes some self compassion for those times you don’t. Be productive, be kind to yourself, and keep showing up.

On Choosing

Bold layered mixed media journal page with text “on choosing”.

Life, one choice after another. This job or that, ocean or mountains, condo or house, surgery or therapy. The list goes on, a bit differently for each of us, as things unfold based on each decision that was made. There was an old game show where the contestant was offered “door number 2” option or the prize they could see. The big quandary we all face is trying to figure out which choice will be the best when the future unknowns make that impossible. We can only make the choice based on the info and emotions we have at the time. And with fingers crossed, prayer to heaven, deep breath, we step into the unknown.

Searching for magic

Mixed media journal page in bold summer colors.

Aren’t we all searching for magic? Whether in work, or nature, or just out in the world in general. That wonderful thing that captures our senses and makes our heart swell. Those moments are what carries us along and puts a spring in our step, and we try to store them up for days when no magic seems to be happening. Those days it feels as if any sort of magic we see is offset by terrible things, and it can be hard to keep seeing what is wonderful. This week, keep searching for magic large and small to lift your spirits.


Mixed media journal page in sepia tones with “ Savor” text

Ahhh summer days are here! The gardens are blooming, the thunderheads piling up, and the slip and slides being used each afternoon. I love the pace of summer, it has that lovely languid feel as the heat brings a lethargy to the day. I like to set aside some free time on my days off to sit outside and read. I like the early morning light, and the coolness of those hours. I like the popsicles in the evening walks around the neighborhood as the fireflies come out. The humidity I find less enjoyable, and the mosquitos. But mostly I think summer is delightful, and something to savor.