“Maybe they’re the same thing.”

Mixed media journal page using stenciled and stamped papers plus lines from a book. (Never Coming Back by McGhee)

“Never Coming Back” by Alison McGhee is an amazing book filled with beautiful passages. I can across it as an ARC and then got the published copy for my library. When I find great passages I like to see if I can work them into a piece. Years back I did a show combining many of lines like this one with old photos. I am always adding to my word bin from magazines, books, and my own printed or typed ones. At the rate I gather them I won’t run out any time soon.

2020 clip

Mixed media with newspaper pages, stamped tissue paper and book pages.

This is almost the end of the old April 2020 newspaper I had wrapped something in. The headline was Pres. has faith Coronavirus will be defeated soon. Ahh those heady days on lockdown, working from home, classes at home, watching birds and dog walkers. Such an odd moment in time. It seems so distant now in spite of the many Covid variants that have appeared. Humans always underestimate the power of viruses and bacteria, we foolishly think we are top of the food chain. The best we can do is hope for a good life and some faith that tough times will pass quickly.

The Outermost Island

Processed with Snapseed.

Sarah Orne Jewett’s  The Country of the Pointed Firs is a favorite of mine. I have read it many times and always enjoy it. This piece is one I created following one of those many re-reads. I started with a watercolor, which I liked. But…it needed more. So I took a breath and cut the piece up into tiny pieces and shuffled them around a bit until I liked the look. Using text from the book and printed paper for the background brought it all together. Sometimes it takes awhile to get to the finished piece, I need to remember that when things seem to be going awry.

Onto the next


Managed to get 8 pieces done and up on the site ahead of the start of the holiday season. I have a few more, but after driving to pick up my daughter I am a bit lacking in energy, 5 hours round trip, but everyone is home now for Thanksgiving. And I can be glad they each needed different days for pickup or it would have been closer to 7.5 hours! It’s those small things to be grateful for, the ones generally overlooked in search of the grand ones. Tomorrow will be a day of no blogging or facebook, and possibly no instagram if the weather proves to prevent outdoor excursions. And that is ok, I can catch up on reading     (my pile of books is too high and all due soon), laundry needs doing and in general we will have family time. This weekend is fleeting and everyone will head out on Sunday, back to finish the fall semester and back to their newly forming lives. And that is ok too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

MC Escher


Yesterday I went to the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH to see the MC Escher exhibit. To say it was amazing is an understatement. The sheer number of pieces and the detail in them leaves your eyes tired and your visual library packed. I don’t know it the show is on a tour or only at the Currier, but if you can get to it, go. Each piece was a revelation in design and skill and I’m glad I didn’t let it pass me by. It puts the posters and books in the dark. Simply amazing to see the real pieces, and all the lesser known ones.


sun falling


This morning the sunlight is streaming into my studio, warming me to action. When I first walked in about an hour ago it was overcast and the space felt sluggish, but a little slice of sun has changed all that. It is energizing me to get down to work, to paint, to collage, to organize and get ready for Saturday’s open studios. The space in this photo is all now split into separate studios, but the sun will still be stretching into the spaces, sweeping across the floors and up the walls.  I did some re-arranging of pieces and put up new ones for Saturday, plus at the free-cycle area there was a 3 tier stand I grabbed and put valentine cards in and placed by the buffet piece. All in all except for sweeping I am ready for Saturday. And now I am off to do some creating!