Casting back

Mixed media of scraps from the 1970’s

Last week I did a final sort of my envelopes of childhood art, report cards and stories, and pulled out pieces that I would use in future mixed media pieces, or that had a sentimental pull to them. It was a fun stroll down memory lane before letting go of these bits. I started drawing and “writing” at age 3 according to the dates my mother put on each piece. She would write down what my string of letters (or scribbles) meant and what the picture was about to clarify it. After all these years it was time to let go of all this, to lighten the load so to speak. As I am winnowing down belongings over the course of the year I am finding that there are a lot of duplicate items I didn’t realize I had, stuff I won’t need again, and things I should have let go of sooner. It is a journey of discovery on many fronts.

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