Up on the Housetop

Mixed media piece using “Up on the Housetop” title

Now that the middle of the month is approaching I am starting to really get ready for the holiday stretch. The decorating is done, cards in the mail, tree up and gifts all bought. It was easy to keep it dialed back again this year, which is a good way to simplify the season, keep the stress low, and avoid overspending.

I haven’t seen very many decorated houses, perhaps this weekend people will tackle it. The lights are one thing I always enjoy, especially the classic displays of candles in the windows and lights on evergreen trees. This week will be when I start the various holiday tunes on my commute and at work, it will be a nice background sound.

I have always wanted to visit one of the European holiday markets that are featured on various travel shows. Though flying has become such a hassle I am not sure I ever will. Unless I go first class😉. Now that would be delightful! Have you ever flown first class?

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