Mixed media with bird and text

The holiday weekend is drawing to a close, most of us will return to our regular work week schedules in a day or so. For some the holiday stretch has been busy with family, for others with work, and some have had a quiet holiday. The moments that make up these days are unique, I prefer a more sedate way of celebrating, big crowds and lots of cooking aren’t my thing. I like to split my day up between a hike, some studio time, family time and a good meal. My friend likes a house bursting at the seams with 4 generations laughing and talking. Another makes a full turkey meal for just the 2 of them ensuring plenty of leftovers to enjoy. The common thread between all of those scenarios is that we each are fortunate enough to have enough, and can choose to celebrate in our own way. As we all know life is made up of moments; good, bad, funny, frightening, joyous and grief filled. Regardless, these moments come and go as they weave themself into our life. I hope all of you were able to have plenty of moments filled with laughter and joy this past week, and more will follow.

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