Boldly so

Bold black floral on orange and purple mixed media

Whenever I am in the studio, whether doing videos or just rolling with materials, it is a break from my normal days. Some people run, others bake, I create art. At this point I have stacks of it, which concerns me for what will befall my heirs eventually, yet still I create. Some pieces I share inside birthday cards, others I use for ideas in my videos, and a few collect dust as they didn’t quite come out right or were used as examples. I am always either actively creating or waiting to do so, and when the time is right and I can make a quick escape to create I grab it. There is so much in life that demands attention; bills, chores, family, work, et al, that I find it can be tough to consistently have a block of time set aside. It must be carved out and set aside as sacred from the din of daily life. I have to be bold about it as no one will be bold for me.

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