Mixed media piece of birches and flowers

I have noticed a few red leaves on the swamp maples already. In my mind it is too soon, yet apparently not as there they are gracing the slender branches. This fall should have brilliant colors given all the rain, each year has its own feel to it based on the weather we’ve had. I look forward to fall for back road drives and foggy mornings. The weather is clear and cool, and the skies that lovely shade of blue. The part I find most difficult is the shorter days.

This fall in particular feels like there will be new beginnings. There is an energy that seems to be running through these late summer days. A particular hum that is vibrating through the air and giving a bit of sparkle to the edges of things. Perhaps I am just seeing it reflected in the changes I see other people around me making in their lives, whatever it is it feels as if it can rub off.

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