Looking beyond

Digital image of view from arched window.

I met up with a friend today from my old mill studio time. She is just settling into her new space in an old elementary school and growing her business. https://vintagepagedesigns.com/ Ali makes wonderful handmade journals, and has a thriving online series of classes. As I look to remake my own creative business I knew I had to sit down and chat with some of the creative women I know, and I started with Ali. Being an introvert I usually skip this step and forge ahead. My success rate with that method is not spectacular, but it allows me to stay in my comfort zone. Sometimes, though rarely, I can get the info I need through observing, but often there are gaps in that which are hard to fill. So, this time I challenged myself to stretch and see what advice I can gather, what has worked, what hasn’t, and to get a boost of creative can do!

Eight weeks is what I have given myself to recreate things. Or to scrap the whole thing. Because to bump along halfheartedly in the old way is not a good plan. I have two more women to meet up with for chats, and an old friend for an outside viewpoint. If nothing else I will have gathered useful information from my research, and gotten the chance to spend time with creative women I admire.

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