Lion or lamb?

Today’s balmy weather will end with a sharp drop in temperature and strong winds. Which leads me to wonder if it means March is coming in like a lion or lamb? It doesn’t really matter which it is in the big scheme of things, just the idle observations of humans about the weather. Conversation. I am feeling particular energy spurts, though not very sustained ones, and not ones that make me want to workout! The longer days are getting a foothold, the days are turning towards spring.

The coziness of being inside is drawing to a close. Yet we will still have more winter weather roll in. Lion or lamb, March can be unpredictable, full of good surprises and wild or mild weather.

1 thought on “Lion or lamb?

  1. We have the same lion or lamb, wild or mild, question here in Connecticut. One way or another, I think I have to do something about those aborted workouts that I, too, am dealing with!

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