Starting off on the right foot

Roaring stream with ice covered rocks

2021. Many of us are saying “Phew!” at the ending of the old year. I like to get out on New Year’s Day for a lung and head clearing hike. For me it starts the year off in the right direction This park is just up the street from our house, and yet hadn’t come up on my Alltrails app, until yesterday I thought it was just a playground and ball field. I also like to tackle tasks immediately, cleaning, DIY or holiday wrap up. For some reason that first day of the new year feels like one that needs to be optimized to the fullest. With this year starting on a Friday, that productivity can extend into the weekend so that even more can get undertaken.

This coming year will have its share of ups and downs, but on this first weekend it all feels pristine and full of potential. No doubt why so many outlandish resolutions are made, everything seems possible! I prefer to make intentions, this year I have created a challenge board for myself based on the bingo card layout. On it I have a bunch of things I intend to do over the next 12 months. Items like: buy a swimsuit (haven’t had one in years!), go to a new museum, spa day (once they re-open), write a letter a month (a real letter that gets a stamp and envelope!), grow my newsletter email list, to name a few. It felt like an approachable way to be accountable and make progress. And was a fun way to look at what I want to achieve this year. May your year start off with calm and beauty, and be filled with adventure and laughter.

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