Being Calm


We have not moved in 26 years, and as such are used to being “here” day in and out.

But now as I enter the clubhouse turn I am taking stock of all that moving will mean. Not just the new address, commute, neighborhood and routines. But the new space and light and layout of another house. Moving will also mean the packing and hauling of possessions, emptying a space where half our lives have been spent, that closing of a door and the emotions that go with it.

Settling Joe into an unfamiliar space will bring unexpected concerns which I am trying not to let grow out of control. It will be a bigger change for him as he will be in the space the most. And so, I am trying to stay calm and centered, to let the small worries go by on the current and not get pulled into the undertow. “All shall be well, all shall be well.”


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