Many doors


All these doors once opened onto something. A yard, a bedroom, an office, a simple closet. Now they stand stacked and unopen-able, crowded together in a back room. I wonder if any will see use again as doors.


The view to June

Brookline 5-20-2018_070

It is the final days of May yet it seems as if we are still caught in April weather. Those showers are good for the plants, but they need sun and warmth too. I have not been able to get out and enjoy the nice days as there always seems to be a laundry list of tasks to attend to, ones that just can’t be put off. Maybe June will prove more accommodating.



This field is part of a farm parcel that is for sale. The cows have been gone for some time so the fields are used for hay now. I expect to see these lots turned to house sites in the near future. It happens too much, houses on former productive farmland. It seems an odd choice of land use we are making. People probably said that 200 years ago too!


Different paces


It feels as if time is going by like the mill fall in this image, and yet I am moving at the pace of these flowers. I can’t even say it feels as if I am gaining on it right now. Spring has been such an on and off affair this year, with so little time doing any outdoor activities beyond yard work. I am hopeful for progress though.