Dunstable Pepperell 3-23-2018_102Joe and I have been doing a lot of back road driving, in NH in the spring that means keeping off the dirt (mud) roads if at all possible. Once the snow melts and the trails firm up we will get back out on hikes. Ditto for city treks, but there it is snow melts and the sidewalks are passable. It’s all part of the changing of the season here, one that feels long overdue after the last two snow storms we had. Now we are edging into April, it seems March just started and here it is the final days of the month. We are entering April full of high spirits and a sense of adventure about many things.


Stretching away

Milford 1-13-18_018

Time is a funny thing, it seems possible for it to move both quickly and slowly at the same time. Spring has come, though there is more snow on the ground now than in this photo taken in January. I am trying to stretch to accomplish more in several directions, which seems to be working at the moment whereas a few months back it just slowed me to a stop. Now time seems to be working in my favor and I am seizing this chance to get as much done or in the works as I can. I have workshops booked, a show to prepare for, a talk to get ready to present, a house to get prepped to put on the market and many more regular life details to attend to. Knowing how this energy will ebb and flow, the fact that some of these events are months out doesn’t mean I can slack off. The ebb will come and whatever I haven’t gotten underway will loom large as undone items and drive me nuts. So these longer days and the extra energy need to be put to good use now. Much like spring cleaning bursts of energy need to be acted on to tackle that chore list.


Temple-Wilton 3-17-2018_001

Spring is a moving target. It might be warm, or rainy or snowing. The bulbs may be buried, or have their blossoms glided with snow. But things are stirring which we cannot see, migratory birds are passing overhead, and the daylight lasts longer. It is coming, it will come, be patient. Or start your seeds indoors if you just can’t wait another day for the sight of something growing.

Life in the balance

Brookline 3-11-2018_011

I am trying to be proactive and carve out some time for me each week. Mainly to get out for a hike, but occasionally to get to my worktable in the dinigroom turned studio. I tend to lean towards outdoor, camera time since it covers getting some exercise too. This morning I took a trek down to the stream. The recent rain, snow and runoff, plus the beaver dams have the water moving right along. This was the only bit of ice on display, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen one quite like it. It’s a good reminder for me that sometimes things just occur, that I don’t know how things will turn out, and that I can only be so prepared for them.



People rarely consider good change to be any reason to grieve. Grief has been assigned a gloomy spot to reside where it is only associated with negativity and loss. Yet, to leave behind a place, person, job etc all mean a loss of what was even while moving forward.   I guess that is why there is the word “bittersweet”.

I urge you to check out the blog link below and see the list Chris has of losses, it lists a sample of 47 types of losses. They aren’t all what you’d think.