Month’s end

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_003

This is the opposite side of the road from Monday’s image of the river. The water is higher than normal making for a placid flow speckled by bits of snow falling from the trees. It was the sort of spot where you could sit for some time and just enjoy the light moving across the water. The air was so fresh I kept taking in great big lungfuls to get as much as I could. It was the type of morning where it just felt good to be alive.


These late winter days

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_053

Four fresh inches of snow fell late Thursday afternoon and remained on the ground and trees as the sun came up. Joe and I got out early to enjoy the morning sun and crisp snow. The birds have begun their spring songs, and the air was filled with music. By noon the snow was gone from ground and branches, the morning wonderland remaining only in memory and the images I captured. It made for a delightful way to start the day, energizing me to tackle all the chores that waited at home.

Assorted stuff


Once again I am on a sorting tear. Going through the stuff that eddies around the edges of life, visible and yet unseen. The plastic containers, pens, spare envelopes, batteries of uncertain age and remaining energy level. Boxes of paper to shred or burn, items for Goodwill, things destined for the dump. It’s all caught in the flow with me as I decide what I really want to give space to.

Still winter

Backyard afternoon

The stream out back is now a series of beaver ponds, smooth and still this time of year. It is a steep but short hike to get down to, and without slick, icy spots, it’s an easy hike. In the late day light it looks like this, full of shadows and reflections. There are numerous animal tracks leading to and from the open water and along the deer path. Soon the snow will melt and the sound of peepers will fill the night air. But for now the spot slumbers under a layer of snow and skim of ice.