We are in the early days of winter and have already had several storms. To include an ice storm which coated everything in a glossy case of ice. And then on Christmas Eve  six more inches fell to ensure a white Christmas and that sleds would get immediate use. I find that while I like snow, I like snow removal less each year. Yet it is lovely out, this winter wonderland, all crisp and white. The ills of the yard all hidden under the snow, the snowbanks not yet sullied with road dirt and the sun just breaking through. As we slide out of 2017 and into 2018 the weather is changing too. The cold days of winter are here.


The edge of the season

Groton Townsend 11-23_010

The fields are harvested, the geese have done their gleaning and the season has turned to snow. All the bard stubble is beneath a layer of white that allows the mice to scamper safely to and from their endeavors. Now as the winter quiet settles in as the cold nights close in, the bare landscape shows a lovely side to those who pause to see it.