Happy Halloween


A little bit of Halloween food for thought found in an abandoned building.



Potanipo 10-22_103

The Sunday morning walk, a bookend of our weekend, found us just up the road at our local lake. The precursor to a day of DIY and chores, and a splendid way to start the day. The month has been unusually warm, great for enjoying but probably not the best weather for the plants and trees. The fall is rolling out all the colors it can before a killing frost changes the palette and brings on November days. This abnormal warm weather is not fooling me, I am as busy as I can be getting all the fall chores done before the turn to winter. But I am also savoring these warm fall days.

Picturing it


I have been doing well with my self imposed 200 images per month goal. I struggled the first few months of the year with weather and commitments that fell to me to handle. If I don’t get out and use my camera regularly, I find that my “eye” loses some of the skill I rely on. Once upon a time I would get 750 images a month, out several days a week, but now is now and 200 is what I can reach. Change is hard, it forces you to make best use of what is available in the moment.

Bogging down

Ponemah 10-8_035

Joe and I went out on a jaunt in our local bog, which always shows me something new. This time it was that in spite of all the rain, the water level was fairly low. The colors were so varied that each turn brought a lovely new view. Fall color is so fleeting I like to get out every chance I can to soak it all in. I hope to get some more walks in over the next couple of weeks to locations old and new.

Closing in

934AAF03-063B-41A6-A1FE-8617890809C6Hard to believe that 2018 is closing in on us. I have to think the months are somehow being shortened to account for how quickly the year has passed. Over the last couple weeks I have been busy selling, shipping and delivering calendars, and am down to just over a dozen. Somehow the last stretch of selling a batch can seem the slowest, probably because the newness and energy has dissipated. I need to get it back over the next couple weeks so I can reclaim my desk space!