Sunset beacon


It may not be a grand light that has a history of seafaring lives saved, it is just a humble light on a lake. Freshly painted and lit, beckoning the sunset as it turns to night.         Guiding August out, and leading September in.


Too soon too soon

Yudicky 8-25-17_037

It is not yet the end of August and yet, Friday’s walk showed that fall is closer than it seems. When Joe and I turned the corner on the trail there it was,                                      fall color across the field.


IMG_3971It was a spur of the moment “yes” that got me out Saturday evening to get some sunset pictures. My daughter said “Let’s go!”, I hesitated thinking of the task I was just about to start. Then I seized the moment and went. It was great, we haven’t been able to do as much recently with work and life. I knew she really wanted to show me her sunset viewing spots, and I made the time. Well worth it, plus we saw sheep!

When the tide goes out


This tide pool is set high above the shore in a scoured out space that gives it bowl like setting. It didn’t smell very good, but sure made a nice image. After my statement about needing to spend some time at the shore I actually did it. Rate for me, as I can make a million excuses that other things need attending to. This time I followed through with my desire for a day away. It was a family outing too, which are waning fast as the girls take on their adult lives. But, we did go and enjoyed a day away though the tide was out.