Project complete


It took me quite awhile, months in fact, but I finally got my home studio space pulled together. Joe suggested I put up all the pieces I had stacked and leaning up on the walls. Very English grand home effect, but he was right on with the suggestion. One side is photos and the other is mixed media. It isn’t as big or vibrant as my space at Western Ave, but it works- though only if I do. I have just a couple more things to polish up and get in place, but basically I am done. Though someday in the future I see A LOT of nail hole spackling!




This old 1849 mill is getting a do-over, a second chance after years of sitting empty. It has suffered from neglect and bad window changes. But here it shows what the new windows will look like, ahhhh just lovely. The developer could have gone for a squared off window and filled in the arch, but instead chose to get exactly what this facade needed to be brought back to life. The old windows are lovely too, but in rough shape, hopefully they will be salvaged. Currently asbestos removal is being done, but through some open upper windows around the corner the underside of the floors are visible, beautiful wide warm toned wood with huge beams. There was a plan years ago to make this a mixed use of businesses, art studios and start ups space. Now I believe it will be mid to high end housing units. Still, it is at least going to be used and not left to deteriorate more. Parking might be a bit of a problem as it is a big building not originally designed for residences. But it is a good example of re use instead of demolition.

Heavy lifting ahead

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It seems people are in turmoil over real and imagined slights way too often these days. “I’m right, you’re wrong!”, “You have to support this or that because of your gender, religion, race, etc”, “My course of thought is the correct one, all others are off base.” It is exhausting and pointless. 8 years ago, 16 years ago, 24 years ago etc people felt the wrong person was running the country, for many reasons. 24 years ago it was the concern over crookedness, 16 years ago it was fears of passivity in the face of attacks, 8 years ago it was worries over an untried politician being handed the keys by money/king makers/puppet masters (take your pick). Now we have comments being made that 8 years ago would have resulted in being labelled. The point is, however far back we go in politics in the US, way back to Washington, we gave the person a chance to disprove our mistrust of their abilities. And sometimes they have let us down, and sometimes those same people have surprised us in good ways. I was destined to be disappointed regardless in this election, as were many other citizens. Pulling together has nothing to do with throwing bricks, burning municipal property or shaking fists. It has much to do with being gracious in defeat and working together to make sure things stay on track, (though everyone has a different idea of what that track should be), to making our country and the world a better, safer and more equitable place for everyone.