Extra time


What did you do with your extra minute of daylight today? I had big plans for it, but can’t actually recall how that minute got spent. Possibly enjoying a holiday treat at work, or maybe wishing someone a Merry Christmas, I might even have been doing a minute of work on a document or poster. Anyway, however I spent it wasn’t that notable. Luckily tomorrow I get even a little more daylight to use!



2 thoughts on “Extra time

  1. Oh gosh – I spent 12 glorious hours cleaning my office. Just about every nook and cranny – including the far recesses of file drawers and folders. Walking into the space this morning, it felt more open and clear than it has in months (maybe years). Now to this business of holidays! Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

    • Good for you! I was mulling over studio clean up as a project for January. Moving 350 sq ft of supplies into 150sq ft has not proven to result in a tidy space! Have a great Christmas and bask in your task well done!!

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