Snow delay


It is a snowy Saturday here. I had planned on starting to clear the driveway at 10AM, but the snow is actually falling heavier than just an hour ago. Luckily I have no pressing errands and a lot of indoor chores to fill the day. It is a good day for reading, musing, or just staring out of the window while drinking a hot beverage. I have the last of the holiday offerings up on the website, so don’t need to tinker with that (or call tech support). It is a dreamy day, yet I can’t let that take hold or the day will pass with little accomplished that really needs attending to. And yet and yet, a day of indolence is murmuring in the air, I might succumb were it not for all the visual cues of chores. Plus all the college heaps that came home this week. So I will split my day between leisure and tasks, giving each a chance to claim this snowy day.


2 thoughts on “Snow delay

  1. Had the back up snow thrower not died there would have been more leisure! Ah well, low tech shovels do the job, just much slower.

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