The Outermost Island

Processed with Snapseed.

Sarah Orne Jewett’s  The Country of the Pointed Firs is a favorite of mine. I have read it many times and always enjoy it. This piece is one I created following one of those many re-reads. I started with a watercolor, which I liked. But…it needed more. So I took a breath and cut the piece up into tiny pieces and shuffled them around a bit until I liked the look. Using text from the book and printed paper for the background brought it all together. Sometimes it takes awhile to get to the finished piece, I need to remember that when things seem to be going awry.


2 thoughts on “The Outermost Island

  1. I sort of remember reading The Country of the Pointed Firs in college…will add it to my list, though, because I can’t remember much about it. Thanks for the inspiration – LOVE the artwork! Do you do a lot of that kind of mixed-media?

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