Wild Saturday Night


Joe got out with the guys tonight for some much needed time around men, where there were old jokes, wild exaggerations and general merriment. I had several options open to me after dropping him off.

  1. Clean- nope not gonna do it
  2.  Decorate- I did get the candles in the window, but having no spinnet did no carols!
  3. Watch tv- again nope, too wasteful of the precious free time
  4.  Create some new pieces for the site- tempting, but not it, though a good option

Instead I opted to get started on my 2017 plans, dreams and goals, and do my wrap up of 2016. I sprung and got myself Lisa Jacobs’ goal planner. I am on her email list and even if I can’t work the sales funnel, (because I don’t seen to have the funnel) I like the idea I might one day have one I can optimize! So I spent 1 & 1/2 hours delving into the first set of questions and pages. Did I learn anything? Yes I did. I did not reach the income goals section yet, and I am leery of it as I don’t see the “name the goal” = “reach the goal” connection. The whole “build it and they will come” doesn’t seem plausible to me. Plus, though a six-figure income would be cool, that isn’t quite how I define success. Which tends to leave me out of the clique of “sell-sell-sell, grow-grow-grow” entrepreneurs. I fall into the Robert Lawson / Rabbit Hill mindset of “There is enough for all.”


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