Eve of the eve


The last storm of the year came through yesterday leaving 8.5 inches of snow in its wake. It is lovely to look at new fallen snow as the morning sun washed over it, even when you know you have to go out and clear it! Now it is the eve of the eve, the time of end of the month and end of the year details and thoughts. I wish you all a Happy New year, and may 2017 be filled with good health, love and prosperity for all of us!


On down the line


The last passenger train has long since departed from this station. Now only the occasional freight train passes by. Though I have driven by on the road about 30 yards parallel to it I don’t remember ever seeing it. This time I did, and made sure to stop as we headed home to take a closer look. I am unsure why this trip brought out such a melancholy batch of photos, but it did. I don’t have a single photo of anyone opening gifts, the first Christmas ever that I didn’t document the holiday. Which is actually okay as it meant I participated instead of being behind a camera. I plan to step up my abandoned structure photography and scouted out several spots to check back on. Plus my brother has a list of places he knows of as he travels the back roads of the county, so I will be amply supplied with locations. I just need to set aside a weekend to get down there and have the weather cooperate.

Tread lightly

While visiting in the land of limited cell service, I stopped by this slice of days gone by. Had it been geographically correct it felt like maybe Laura Ingalls or Nellie Oleson might appear and start browsing the shelves. But what really caught my eye as I passed , was the vintage bike standing in the window. Once upon a time, not that long ago, this was a functioning store. Then it became an antiques store, now it sits quietly at a country intersection as the traffic flows passed. I don’t recall it ever being in use, but my mother does. Apparently the house behind it is where the proprietors lived. It is now empty, as is the one next to it. Though we did see a raccoon on the roof, so I guess unoccupied is a relative term. It can be hard to tell sometimes as people seem to walk out and close the door behind them, leaving personal belongings in place like some strange tableau. It can make it a bit unnerving to approach as I certainly have no desire to encounter a resident in what seemed to be an abandoned house! Often in these places, even when empty, there is a palpable feel of previous lives still being played out. Tread lightly, tread lightly.

Winter day


I am looking forward to the winter days that will let me get out on the trail. Those clear, crisp days, those days that are filled with snowstorm clouds rolling in, those days when the the trees are laden with snow. To breathe in that winter air as I walk and feel the frozen earth under my feet. Tomorrow I have a vacation day which I hope I can spend out of doors enjoying the chance to be out.