Next time around

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Next time around I will see the super moon. Believe it or not I missed it every evening. It was either raining, I was getting dinner on the table, I was at work or I was once again on the phone with tech support trying to add items to the website. Being on the phone with tech support is not something that makes me feel smart. I go through all the steps required, and yet still that final click doesn’t add the item. I try the help page, no help. And so I call, I take notes (which don’t seem to match the previous set or asks for steps that don’t exist in this call), and still need to call the next time. Frustrating to say the least, and yet since I pay a monthly web hosting fee I am making use of the tech services!


So the end result is that I missed the super moon but got the item onto the site. So, success on one front at least!


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