Just Tuesday


Ahhh, happy days end to all of you!


Super Moon

I thought I missed the super moon, but apparently I did not. And I must say it was indeed much closer to earth than I expected it to be! There it was, just shining happily on the wall of this front porch as I happened to pass by. Now I get to share it with anyone else who thought they missed it!

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Onto the next


Managed to get 8 pieces done and up on the site ahead of the start of the holiday season. I have a few more, but after driving to pick up my daughter I am a bit lacking in energy, 5 hours round trip, but everyone is home now for Thanksgiving. And I can be glad they each needed different days for pickup or it would have been closer to 7.5 hours! It’s those small things to be grateful for, the ones generally overlooked in search of the grand ones. Tomorrow will be a day of no blogging or facebook, and possibly no instagram if the weather proves to prevent outdoor excursions. And that is ok, I can catch up on reading     (my pile of books is too high and all due soon), laundry needs doing and in general we will have family time. This weekend is fleeting and everyone will head out on Sunday, back to finish the fall semester and back to their newly forming lives. And that is ok too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Share your world-2016 Week 47 (Grateful List)

berries 1. I am grateful to have a sound roof over our heads, good food to eat, central heat and indoor plumbing!                                                                                                                                                2.I am so very grateful at my husband’s progress albeit too slow for his liking. It is hard to move at the pace life assigns us.                                                                                                                3. All the wonderful blogs I read and the images that are posted.                                                     4. I have clean air and water, lovely countryside to enjoy.                                                                  5. A range from ocean to mountains to enjoy, complete wilderness or urban activity.            6. Freedom.                                                                                                                                                          7.My health and work, both of which allow me to give Joe the assistance he needs as he recovers.

Bonus- I am grateful that in this past week Joe got out with friends without me, allowing him some guy time. That I got some artwork done and ready for the website. And for the week ahead- walks, family time, art and not having any reason to shop at all this weekend.

Snagging at clouds


Already the last full week of November is upon us, and I am trying to snag these final days and be productive. I have artwork to get off the worktable and on the website for the holiday season, hopefully with little time spent calling tech support. I want to get out on more walks on days that are warm enough so I can get more photos and fresh air. As the magician in Frosty says “Busy, busy, busy!” The girls come home for the break over the next two days, so the house will fill with noise and laundry for a brief time before descending into December days. It is nearly time to assess the goals of the year that were reached and those that remained undone, and to make goals for 2017.Goals both reasonable and wild, to feed the soul and help it take flight.